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Quality editors provide the final edit on all content bound for B/R’s highest-visibility channels. Their edits are more intensive than copy edits, at times requiring wholesale changes and collaboration across teams to ensure each article delivers on the aforementioned quality standards.

By elevating standards on B/R’s highest-traffic locales, the quality editing team is striving to raise the bar on content site-wide, with the hope that their enhanced scrutiny on a fraction of articles is eventually the norm.
Graduate of the State University of New York at New Paltz (2010), with a BA in English/Creative Writing.

Aside from reading at my leisure, I enjoy playing competitive volleyball and casual basketball. I love the drama of sports and Manchester City (and almost all of the Premier League) and love/hate the New York Knicks.

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  • Dan Favale posted 2050 days ago

    Dan Favale

    Thanks for catching the "four games" gaffe on that highlight, Tyler. Really bad mental slip on my end.

  • Giancarlo Ferrari-King posted 2057 days ago

    Giancarlo Ferrari-King

    Thanks for the edits, Tyler. That stuff is going to really help me moving forward. I greatly appreciate the insight.

    Thanks again man,

  • Laura Greene posted 2058 days ago

    Laura Greene

    Thanks a lot for your edits, Tyler!

  • Brian Leigh posted 2136 days ago

    Brian Leigh

    Thanks for the Saban edits, Tyler. I tweaked a couple of minor things for prose that I wasn't comfortable with, but the rest looks nice. Please message me if you have a problem with my changes, and I can explain why I felt the need to tweak. Thanks again!

  • Sebastian Lena posted 2156 days ago

    Sebastian Lena

    Hey Tyler, thanks for the edits and your revisions.However, I noticed you changed Saban's four BCS titles to three in your edits. That's incorrect, as he's won four ('03, '09, '11, '12).

    Had a couple of commenters call me out for it, so I changed it back to four.

  • Tom Sunderland posted 2192 days ago

    Tom Sunderland

    Hi Tyler, thanks for taking a look at the Ballon d'Or piece. Just wondering where you got your numbers from as I've read/found otherwise on some.

  • Ian Rodgers posted 2303 days ago

    Ian Rodgers

    Thanks Tyler. But I'm sure there are a number of things in your list that I didn't do - attribution for Wenger missing out on targets, losing first match, Defoe reuniting with Crouch.

  • Dan Favale posted 2335 days ago

    Dan Favale

    Tyler, thanks for the editing on the amnesty article. Don't know how I whiffed those links/numbers. Appreciate you making the fix. Thanks again.

  • Eduardo Mendez posted 2346 days ago

    Eduardo Mendez

    Thanks for the edits, Tyler. I was having serious issues with the CMS this morning. I couldn't even link anything and some of my slides didn't save my changes...hence, some of the wrong videos made the cut. Thanks for fixing it for me. I was told to delete my cookies, so I believe the issue is finally resolved.

  • Tom Sunderland posted 2374 days ago

    Tom Sunderland

    Hey Tyler, thanks for taking a look at those rankings. In football, 'released' and 'free' are pretty synonymous, just that 'free' indicates a destination's been lined up anyway. Can you give me some examples of the passive voice? Cheers bud.