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I was hired on by Bleacher Report as a featured columnist prior to the start of the 2011 NFL season. I have enjoyed two years of growth with a company that is among the best to be associated with in the sports world.

Prior to getting this gig, I was a front page writer for Niners Nation.

Outside of my work here at Bleacher Report, I am the head sports editor over at eDraft, an up-and-coming multi-sport outlet.

I also co-host a radio show from 12-2 PM PST on Monday and Wednesday and own Pro Football Nuts.

For media requests you can contact me at and

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  • Andrew Ahern posted 1353 days ago

    Andrew Ahern

    You write, "Another point that must be made here. Wilson and the Seahawks have not fared relatively good on the road in weather-controlled (dome) environments." The first sentence is a fragment. Complete sentences contain a subject and a predicate. People and organizations sometimes "fare well". In no case do they ever "fare good", relatively or otherwise. As you complete your post graduate degree in journalism please make time to brush up on grammar, punctuation, and the craft of writing. It is not enough to have a genuine interest in your subject matter. Mistakes in grammar and sentence construction that make it into print damage aspiring writers and are a threat to the language itself.
    Andrew B. Ahern

  • Devin McMahon posted 1583 days ago

    Devin McMahon

    Your recent article about baseball uniforms was the worst. Basically any team that wears red caps or red jerseys and or doesn't wear pinstripes is a terrible uniform. It was essentially a long roundabout way for you to do something daring and declare the Yankees number 1. So tiresome and hackneyed. Bashing uniforms like the Orioles, Reds, etc. is just ridiculous and the over use of "sexy" was just uncomfortable. Just a terrible piece. Stick with Football.

  • Oliver Wilson posted 1823 days ago

    Oliver Wilson

    can you revisit the "offensive system for each team" found it to be a really interesting piece

  • Hackney Sam posted 1947 days ago

    Hackney Sam

    Moron. You are quite the wordsmith, unfortunately you know as much about NFL football as you know about building a rocket ship. Drew Brees will be better than he was in 2014, without his "favorite target". Drew Brees likes to win as much as any competitor in the league. Jimmy Graham was a product of Sean Payton's system (like underrated free agent Lance Moore, and 2nd to last pick in the 2006 NFL, Marques Colton). Jimmy Graham can't block, and will get lost in the "run-first" system in Seattle. He's not durable, and he's descending!

    Drew Brees and the Saints not only had the 31st ranked defense, but became very predictable in 2014 (As you stated, Graham was targeted 19% of the time). 2014 was the first year in the Sean Payton era that the Saints have played without a "Joker" back (Reggie Bush/ Darren Sproles. The Joker is the key ingredient to making Payton's system work...The Joker is versatile, can play RB, and in the slot: they catch well, play well in space and create tremendous mismatches for any defense.

    Trading the Highest Paid TE in the history of the NFL did a few things. It cleared a shitload of cap room for the Saints...It allowed the 31st ranked defense go out and get a CB that fit's the man scheme that they run . Brandon Browner, a college teammate of Keenan Lewis, is 6'4', 225 and fit's the scheme that Rob Ryan has implemented. This was N.O.'s biggest need heading into the offseason! They were also able to acquire a true MIKE backer, the best in the draft..(Seattle also gave up the 31st pick in the first round) for Stephone Anthony. Because of the cap relief, the Saints were able to come up with enough cash to bring in a "Joker"...C.J. Spiller, and resign free agent Mark Ingram. Included in the trade from Seattle was Max Unger, a Pro Bowl and S.B. champion center who is known for his great run blocking ability!

    Josh Hill is 6'5", 250 lbs. He had 5 TD's in a very limited role in 2014 as a reserve TE. Will there be a drop off in production at the TE spot for the Saints in 2015? Yes, in regards to receptions, but I think the four "need" positions the Saints got in return will more than make up for the absence of Jimmy Graham. Hill is more useful in the run are Ingram, Unger and Spiller. This should take pressure off of Brees. while Spiller will make up for the catches that Graham won't be there to catch. The Saints will be more balanced and less predictable on offense and bolstered their defense with that trade. How is it that you think the trade was bad for New Orleans? I think Brees likes to win...and I don't think he care about stats, or percentages...or how it gets done!

    The Saints are certainly better now that they were in 2014!

  • Jodi Obrien posted 2085 days ago

    Jodi Obrien

    You have a spelling error in your article 10 things to take away from NFL playoffs. Around the second paragraph "heals" should be "heels"

  • KENNETH SELLARDS posted 2607 days ago


    your a homer

  • Jane Nowlin posted 2669 days ago

    Jane  Nowlin

    You are so wrong about Austin being a washed up player...He has been injured the past two seasons. Now if you wanna put him down as injury prone by all means, he does have to prove he can stay on the field but otherwise you are a moron who is only writing to help "sell" yourself as a guru and this blog.

  • Jeff Harris posted 2694 days ago

    Jeff Harris

    I realize not EVER playing competitive sports is certainly not a pre req for for writing,
    but it is so obvious with you. the whole lot of you so called writers commenting on sports
    and the arrogance behind your opinions. I will add you to list that I am talking about
    the guys who are 5'7" or shorter i.e. Lupica,Skip, Costas, Stephen A, Simmons etc.
    you all wanted to be the BOMC but couldn't hit the rim with you jumper. Please just state the facts and hold your opinions for when you all get together to swap underoos

  • Anthony Kang posted 2698 days ago

    Anthony Kang

    No problem, glad to help!

  • Dilan Ames posted 2736 days ago

    Dilan Ames

    Hey, Vincent!

    Name is Dilan and I was just brought onto B/R as a featured columnist for the Skins after completing their winter internship. Gotta say, I've enjoyed you work before, but THOROUGHLY enjoyed your piece about loyalty in the NFL. I could really go on and on about all the intricacies of your article that made me really enjoy it, but that'd take almost as long as it took you to write it, haha! Point is, loved the article. Keep up the great work, man, really. You're definitely an inspiration to a young writer getting started such as myself.