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  • Kinkomen Soysauce posted 2682 days ago

    Kinkomen Soysauce

    ...just checking in to see what your thoughts are after the game about my thoughts before the game....

  • J Nap posted 3020 days ago

    J Nap

    As soon as the other teams join the BE, WVU, Pitt and Syracuse will be allowed to leave. The BE has to keep them for '27months' for appearance. If they were allowed to leave without consequence the rest of the BE would be out the door as well. You let those three go and you only have five left, who wants to go to a conference with 5 teams? As it stands now Houston, SMU, Boise and the rest are more likely to join an 8 team conference than a 5 team conference. With a 5 team conference, what would keep Cincinnati and Louisville from joining the Big 12? There would be no waiting period as established by the early dismissal by WVU? Once the replacement teams are on board, WVU, Pitt and Syracuse will be allowed to go. Its like dating, you are gonna keep the one you are with until someone better comes along. You want to have someone to kiss on New Years Eve!!!

  • J Nap posted 3022 days ago

    J Nap

    make that "Pitt and Syracuse would leave WITHOUT any extra penalties"

  • J Nap posted 3022 days ago

    J Nap

    Because WVU has contributed monetarily in the past, that is why I thing the circumstances are different than TCU. The BE should ask for more money. The other thing is that it would signal the end of the BE. Pitt and Syracuse would leave with any extra penalties and the other teams would leave if a better offer were given to them. In essence, stick a fork in the BE because they are done. With the 27 months, they can survive for at least 27 months and possibly more if they were aggressive enough. The BE is fighting for its life. Expect a hard fight.

    If WVU was offered first, before TCU defected. I'll bet the 27 months would have been enforced with TCU.

  • J Nap posted 3028 days ago

    J Nap

    I can understand WVU wants out, so they will say and do whatever in order to get out. BE is fighting for its life so they will do and say whatever in order to survive. How is that difficult to understand? Until everything is proven by WVU then BE is entitled to do what is on the contract. If they want to let 27month waiting period go then so be it. If they want to enforce the 27 month waiting period then WVU is out of luck. I'm not an attorney nor did I had a hand in drafting the contract. If you had any part in the wording of the documents please feel free to enlighten me and set me straight!!! So to reiterate, WVU needs to prove breach of contract. But in reality this is more of a pissing contest. WVU will pay out a few extra millions to waive the 27months or have it reduced.

  • J Nap posted 3033 days ago

    J Nap

    My "crap" is no more "crap" than the "crap" you post.

  • Scott Pauley posted 3139 days ago

    Scott Pauley

    Your comments on RR are similar to my thoughts. I was really ticked at him for a while but i would welcome him back...

  • Ryan McNish posted 3541 days ago

    Ryan McNish


    I just wanted to take the time to thank you for your comments on the Dorsey issue. They were informative, interesting, and most importantly passionate. I can't afford to comment on the issue further as I have more assignments to do as part of my internship. I do look forward to our future correspondences though, as I'm sure they will occur.

    With utmost sincerity,


  • Suzette Lampard Brantley posted 3719 days ago

    Suzette Lampard Brantley

  • Dan Scofield posted 3798 days ago

    Dan Scofield

    The Heisman Trophy isn't the same as it use to be. What are the faults and what can be done in order to get the bronze figurine back to where it once was?

    Don't be shy!