John Skicewicz

John Skicewicz


I grew up in the suburbs west of Chicago.
I was raised as a sports fan. There was no discussion about being or not being a sports's just that the Cubs or Bears or Blackhawks or Bulls or (occasionally) White Sox were just ALWAYS on the TV in my childhood home. Many afternoons my fellow juvenile delinquents and I, with $10 in our pockets, would catch the bus into the Loop, get bleacher seats in Wrigley and have the time of our lives cheering for Santo, Kessinger, Beckert & Banks ("The Million Dollar Infield"). I remember watching Roberto Clemente break Cubbie hearts throwing out baserunners from impossible distances. I remember Fergie Jenkins winning 20 games or more five seasons in a row (many of them complete games). I was in the right field bleachers for some Jenkins - Gibson battles that books should be written about. And while I'm remembering there a colder place on the planet than opening day in April at Wrigley? I attended several of those games with mittens and ear muffs firmly in place!
All of that was a long time ago. Those games in Wrigley were the only professional sporting events that I attended until I became an adult. I've been a resident of the Tampa Bay community since 1973. I'm a charter fan of the Buccaneers, the Lightning and the Devil Rays (now the Rays). Being present for the birth of these three franchises has been a terrific experience. They all really stunk during their infancy and have all now risen to the highest levels of each sport. Is there any other place in the U.S. that has had such an amazing run?
I genuinely love living in the Tampa Bay area. There is natural beauty here that is seldom noticed by casual visitors to this part of the world. The quality of life has been very well maintained throughout the past 5 decades of explosive growth. There are traditions here...but being essentially a boom town, a lot of the traditions are relatively young and in many cases are still evolving.
Professionally I'm a commercial investment real estate broker. I help people make smart real estate decisions. My wife is also in the real estate business, managing the largest real estate office in South Tampa.
My two children are budding sports fans and are very tolerant of my somewhat boisterous (loud) advocacy of our hometown teams. They are young teen-agers so it takes very little for Dad to embarrass them, but they endure.
I like to write and I hope you like to read what I've written.

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  • Scott Birchfield posted 4461 days ago

    Scott Birchfield

    If you can, post an article about the Tampa Bay Rays upcoming season. I would love to read it.

  • J. Michael Morris posted 4583 days ago

    J. Michael Morris

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  • Nino Colla posted 4584 days ago

    Nino Colla

    John, welcome to B/R and the MLB Community. Great to see another Rays fan around and good luck with the WS.

    I'm an MLB community leader here so if you ever need anything, let me know.

  • 4-6-3 posted 4584 days ago



    That article is great as is..Submit it right away!

    I find it hard to believe that this is your first baseball writing effort ever...I know where you're coming from..I've been a baseball fan my whole life, and only started writing last year..It just comes naturally when you know so much about the game..It's literally very easy to do, as is evident in your first article..

    Keep it up!