David Aaron Lindsay

David Aaron Lindsay


Yeah I'm Canadian, but Hockey is a distant 4th in my list of top sports.... Baseball, Basketball and Football are my favorites and I am very passionate about all 3. I always participate in 4 or 5 fantasy leagues for each sport, each season (and I've been doin the Fantasy thing since like 95', back in the Sandbox days which I contend to this day was still the best all time fantasy format)... I do like the Blue Jays and Raptors, but my favorite football team would be the Packers. I didn't always like the Jays and Raps, I used to be a huge Mariners fan, mostly because of Griffey Jr., but we are all well aware of what happened there, it did help me to re-evaluate why I like teams and which teams I cheer for though. That's when I switched to the Jays, so strangely enough I actually started liking the Jays after they started sucking again.... The Raps, they have been mostly since the Bosh era started, I just HATED the purple unis, top 5 worst Jerseys in sports when they were sporting those. But their new ones are nice. I started out a Sonics fan cheering for them against the Bulls... then sorta went to the Pacers after I watched Reggie score like 8 points in 15 seconds, one of the top 3 most incredible sports moments I have ever witnessed. Then I just sorta bounced around for a bit, the league sorta seemed to be in a dark period talent wise, and now, like I said, I am with the Raps. So there is a little history for ya.

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  • Dave Morrison posted 4508 days ago

    Dave Morrison

    Congrats on getting on CBS sports David! Well done, I can't wait to read your next article! Let me know if you need some ideas! Season starts tonight, I'm excited.

  • Captain Fanatic posted 4519 days ago

    Captain Fanatic

    Hey there fellow Canadian, maybe you'd like to write for TOsports.ca

    The Captain