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  • rick Kelly posted 2151 days ago

    rick Kelly

    Like your opinions on the Leafs King, b/c of you, I signed up so I can push the "like" button for your comments. You should be a official writer for the Leafs on this site. Thanks for your in sight

  • Rob Kirk posted 2153 days ago

    Rob Kirk

    Thanks for the love King. Always appreciate the comments!

  • Franklin Steele posted 2158 days ago

    Franklin Steele!

    Great interview of Tom Anselmi. A lot of hard questions asked. Good stuff.

  • Keep Chirping Haters posted 2160 days ago

    Keep Chirping Haters

    Burke blew it all himself - Director friend at Bell Media (6 months ago) and COO of a major marketing company that works with MLSE (yesterday)...Burke got a 20 something MLSE intern pregnant. Burke got booted from his house in the summer and his firing is the fallout of Bell distancing themselves from the scandal. What a dummy, he had it all and blew it...bigtime.

  • Alex Bacon posted 2220 days ago

    Alex Bacon

    Thanks for your comments on most of my articles King, I enjoy reading them. It's nice to hear my readers opinions too.

  • Shlomo Goldberg posted 2242 days ago

    Shlomo Goldberg

    Well put on that Carle comparison to Keith.

  • john davidson posted 2275 days ago

    john davidson

    hey King has Bruce/Skippy told you of his new secret identity? He thinks he is Brian Burke now.He's not well.

  • Bruce Campbell posted 2288 days ago

    Bruce Campbell

    My favourite thing about JD is when he takes what you say and says it back to you....bizarre, weird but yes, entertaining.

  • Bruce Campbell posted 2288 days ago

    Bruce Campbell

    -------------> You and "King" won't censor me or bully me this is freedom of speech and your nasty comments and Prince's troll ol ol ol ol will just keep us bonded. Have a nice day." <-------- holy crap that is some Fuuuuuuny stuff. Censor and bully....what I gotta read.

  • john davidson posted 2288 days ago

    john davidson

    thank you your eminence, always nice to hear from you and Bruce/Skippy