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I'm an avid fan of anything fun, but mostly Flyer Hockey, sports in general,motorcycles, hunting, fishing, and working on my own line of fiction novels to be published soon! You guys can follow me on twitter @jriding4evr. Thanks for checking out my page and articles!

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  • Greg Dunning posted 2486 days ago

    Greg Dunning

    I've read most of your articles from the past 2 months, and some older ones, and I have to say, you deserve the top spot on this website. Consistently fair, accurate, and open to criticism. I'm working my way up to writing a good article for Bleacher, and I can say that you've been my biggest inspiration to do so. Thank you, and keep it up. I enjoy the commentary.

  • Travis Graham posted 2520 days ago

    Travis Graham

    I was just wondering if you would be interested in writing for I would love to have you on board even on a part time basis.

  • Tiffany Brennan posted 2520 days ago

    Tiffany Brennan

    You're welcome, Joe! And thanks for making the extra effort to make sure I got the feedback, I appreciate that! Keep up the great work with all the Flyers articles, I hope they can go far this year!

  • Travis Graham posted 2528 days ago

    Travis Graham

    Hello, my name is Travis and I would love to discuss a few things with you regarding writing for a hockey website, if you could please email me at that would be amazing.

  • Ben Rogers posted 2548 days ago

    Ben Rogers

    Hey there Joe, thanks for the add back. I browse Bleacher Report pretty much daily and have always enjoyed lots of the articles, especially those related to the Flyers. You and the other guys do a great job with it and have some pretty darn valid points and answer your comments from your readers. Just curious, how'd you get the gig of writing for Bleacher Report? Saw the application process and have been mulling over whether to give it a try or not. I've always wanted to take a crack at combining my almost unhealthy love of hockey and writing into something tangible. How do you find and verify sources and such? Thanks for the add again, appreciate it and thanks for all the wonderful articles.

  • Dennis Tresca posted 2646 days ago

    Dennis Tresca

    Air Force has been keeping me extremely busy for the past month. I'm hoping to get writing very soon!

  • Dennis Tresca posted 2674 days ago

    Dennis Tresca

    Thanks for the kind words! With so much flak from the Vick supporters, I was getting worried I was the only one who felt this way. Thanks again for reading!