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  • Michael Schottey posted 4035 days ago

    Michael Schottey

    Dr. Trade takes on the Carlos Boozer rumors in his first article!

  • Diana Allen posted 4226 days ago

    Diana Allen

    We could use your Jazz enthusiasm here

  • Diana Allen posted 4281 days ago

    Diana Allen

    I'd love to see what All anything team you come up with. I did an all Lakers Celtics team no matter how much it pained me to write it as a Jazz fan.

  • Kyle Flanagan posted 4295 days ago

    Kyle Flanagan

    would love your thoughts

  • Diana Allen posted 4298 days ago

    Diana Allen

    hey I wrote another article. I see you did too.

  • Kyle Flanagan posted 4307 days ago

    Kyle Flanagan

    Hey Clinton. I noticed that I forgot to make sure there wasn't any spaces between the em-dash and the words after it, so I fixed that. Those em-dashes are used to enforce a point or give extra information (kind of like a parentheses). As for the colons, I am still trying to get used to the way that they want stuff done on Bleacher Report (it is a little different then conventional AP style). I have seen the use of colons from some of the other editors in similar spots as your article had.

    You are always free to keep what you like and how you like it. Great job again and Go Jazz!

    p.s. I work for the Flash and we are thinking that we get Fes, Koufos and Almond again...