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Originally from central NJ, I'm a die-hard fan in every pro sport for my teams in the area. It's not always fun being a Yankees fan because I am a huge fan of the underdogs, so I developed a love for the Rockies back in the mid/late 90's that stuck. The Bengals developed for a similar reason.

I come from a baseball family and for me there's no greater event then going to a baseball game. Being only 21 there is no way I would consider myself anywhere near an expert outside of the 1997 season (thanks MLB Presents Ken Griffey Jr. Baseball, the greatest video game of all time).

All of my favorite players have a story or background to why they belong on the list. That's why you see Bernie Williams and not Derek Jeter, or Luol Deng and not Carlos Boozer. I've gone tons of stories about most of those guys.

I'm as big of a stats geek as anyone, but put the Sabermetrics away cause I really don't give a shit about someone's Expected Fielding Independent of the Pitcher, nor do I care that the Omar Vizquel would statistically cause the White Sox to lose an extra game. Although I legally have to despise the Red Sox, Pats, Bruins, and Celtics and I'll never marry a fan nor every work, live or visit New England, I still try to stay unbiased in my debates/articles.

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  • Gavin Andrews posted 3117 days ago

    Gavin Andrews

    Oh gosh, that's embarrassing. I wrote that in about 3 years ago, and can tell right away that I was thinking about my most memorable sports game (Billy Traber one-hitting the Yanks) when I was writing my most memorable sports moment. I did know it was the Red Sox...but thanks for letting me know.