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  • Rose Atlas posted 2093 days ago

    Rose Atlas

    Wishing cancer on human beings for writing an article and including homophobic slurs in said hate-filled rant? I think you're the irrelevant shit stain.

  • Jim Jeffers posted 2093 days ago

    Jim Jeffers

    Nice life you hack. Hope you enjoy ranking things for a living.

  • Le Prince posted 2096 days ago

    Le Prince

    As a general rule, whatever sounds funny or smart or cool to say while you're drunk is not funny or smart or cool. Hope you learn. Get sacked soon!

  • NO No posted 2097 days ago

    NO No

    Wonderful homophobic rant on Deadspin. Enjoy your new job working the drive-thru at Chik-fil-a.

  • Captain Tragedy posted 2097 days ago

    Captain Tragedy

    This is hilarious. Writing homophobic hate mail to another sports-writing website-- how professional. I hope Bleacher Report fires your sorry ass.

  • l z posted 2097 days ago

    l z

    "On the underwear that is the dying world of scumbag, tabloid journalism, you and your retarded lover" You write for Bleacher Report. Your homophobe rant is pathetic and disgusting, while you are calling other people disgusting. Wishing death on someone is a serious thing.

  • Genghis Khan posted 2097 days ago

    Genghis  Khan

    Of course you would right about the WWE, very predictable.

  • Genghis Khan posted 2097 days ago

    Genghis  Khan

    Dude your so pathetic. You suck at life. Oh, and New Bedford is a Shit hole.

  • Genghis Khan posted 2097 days ago

    Genghis  Khan

    Dude, you freaking suck. Like your just a pathetic ugly troglodyte. Your articles suck, and your life probably sucks as well. Of course you would be a duke fan.

  • Peter Zielinski posted 2097 days ago

    Peter Zielinski

    I don't know what I find more offensive - your homophobic rant on Deadspin, or that Danny Woodhead is one of your favorite athletes. I'm sure Westboro will have a position for you once BR cans you.