Craig Nuzzo

Craig Nuzzo


Being a huge city guy, I love Chicago sports. I am a diehard Cubs fan, Bears fan, and Blackhawks fan. I also enjoy watching da Bulls, but not as hardcore. I enjoy watching Chicago sports live and on TV, reading about it in online, writing about my favorite teams on B/R, and doing anything and everything that involves Chicago sports in my free time. Overall, I love any and pretty much all sports. I also enjoy the annual X-Games.

Besides sports, I really enjoy watching movies and listening to music. My favorite genres of movies are comedies and suspense, and my favorite type of music is something like indie/pop/punk/rock.

I also poses a strong interest in the comedy world, and love watching stand-up acts. Others consider me a fitness/nutrition enthusiast. Overall, I am a very laid back guy, that loves to hang out and do what ever. As far as life goals go, I hope to one day visit every baseball park, and my all time goal is to work in the Marketing Department for the Chicago Cubs.

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  • Bob Warja posted 4263 days ago

    Bob Warja

    Thanks for the pick Craig!

  • Matt Poloni posted 4322 days ago

    Matt Poloni

    Hey Craig. It's been awhile since I last wrote an article, so I'm trying to get this one out there a little bit. Let me know what you think about it if you get the chance. Here's the link:

  • John Louie Ramos posted 4370 days ago

    John Louie Ramos


    I'm finished with my latest work..
    Philosophical perhaps.. a feel-good-story I think..
    "The contentment in just watching the stars"

    Hope you enjoy,

  • Jim Neveau posted 4385 days ago

    Jim Neveau

    Hey Craig,

    Saw your name on The Hockey Writers, and wanted to share two things:

    One, they are still looking for writers for a few teams, so you should totally check that out.

    Two, I just got done writing my first article as the new writer for the Blackhawks over there, so you should totally check it out. Thanks!

  • Jim Neveau posted 4388 days ago

    Jim Neveau

    Thanks Craig! I'm looking forward to the challenge of building that community. That's an awfully pretty city behind you in that picture. I'll be up there Saturday!

  • Michael Wagner posted 4389 days ago

    Michael Wagner

    Hey Craig-

    Could you check out my quick preview of the 2009 Trade Deadline for the Chicago Blackhawks.



  • Hao Meng posted 4394 days ago

    Hao Meng

    Craig, thanks a lot for the pick! I'm glad you enjoyed the article!

  • Hao Meng posted 4395 days ago

    Hao Meng

    Hey Craig,

    If you get the chance, I'd love for you to check out my recent analysis on Derrek Lee's batting woes. I take an interesting perspective on the issue and offer some possible solutions, and I'd appreciate your comments and feedback very much!


  • Michael Wagner posted 4409 days ago

    Michael Wagner

    You missed quite a first period by Dave Bolland and quite a bit of scoring!

    They are up 4-2 which I'm sure you know now.

    Go Hawks!


  • Michael Wagner posted 4409 days ago

    Michael Wagner

    Wow man! The Office and 30 Rock over hockey...what are you thinking! Haha.

    Hopefully you do not miss to much, Hope we can dump the Flames tonight.

    I will let you know if you miss anything.