Derrick S. James Jr.

Derrick S. James Jr.


School: Pine Grove School, Bay Minette Intermediate, Bay Minette Middle, Baldwin County High School, Faulkner State Community College ( then Hopefully, the University of Chicago with Cornell being my second choice, Alabama being my third)

Music: Lauryn Hill, Jay Z, J Cole, Erykah Badu, India.Arie, Li Wayne(before the drugs, but after his teen years), Nas, Chrissette Michele, All Americna Rejects, Alicia Keys

Movies: The Dark Knight , The Island, Its a Wonderful Life, Toy Story Series, Enemy of the State ...............

Books: Narnia Series, Ice and Fire Series, Percy Jackson Series, Animal Farm, The Outsiders..............

Inspirational people: Kofi Annan, MLK Jr, Jay Z, Steve Jobs, Oprah, Bob Johnson, Arthur Blank( or is it Plank, or is the coach P/B lank idk, Home Depot Owner LOL), Lauryn Hill, Tyler Perry( not for the movies themselves but for the business of it all)

Other activities: Kiwanis Club , Phi Beta Lambda( Vice President) , Phi Theta Kappa

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  • Derrick S. James Jr. posted 2842 days ago

    Derrick S. James Jr.

    because i know people come to my page , i will tell you exactly what i defended

    2 high schools having sex. Thats it, not come 30 y/o and a 15 y/o, but 2 high schools.

  • Jim Bo posted 2842 days ago

    Jim Bo

    A grown man who defends sex with a minor by an adult is justifying rape, sorry but you are. A person who defends the rape of a minor is some who I will call out every time.

  • Jim Bo posted 2842 days ago

    Jim Bo

    It is never a good idea to justify rape, especially rape involving a minor..

  • Jonathan McDanal posted 2931 days ago

    Jonathan McDanal

    I noticed that you commented on an SEC strength of schedule article, calling the author out for not using facts and numbers.

    I have an article in the works that you'll like, but since he got that one assigned to him, I've got to wait about a month before publishing my perspective. Just wanted to let you know it was coming. :)

  • Larry Smith posted 2995 days ago

    Larry Smith

    Hey Derrick, Wayne Smith here. I guess chilibean got my account banned. I'm done with B/R anyway. Hasn't been the same since LB got booted. Take care, man, I always enjoyed your comments.

    p.s. I'm pretty sure it was chilibean. He's the only idiot I've had words with. He should be an AU fan. LMFAO! He's such a punk ass bitch.

  • Chris Lane posted 3077 days ago

    Chris Lane

    I would expect you to take Alabama's side. Look at your "likes" on this page. You have 2...Alabama Football and SEC football. See, you as most other SEC fans have a thing you do each season. You talk great about your team until they have 2 losses. Since 2 losses puts you out of the national title picture, you then turn into an SEC fan and root your hearts out for whatever team in the SEC looks the strongest. I've always showed you respect whether you have noticed it or not. I listen to what you have to say and since you are a pretty smart guy, I normally don't fire back at you because I normally agree with you. I'm also not saying that you are one of these bandwagon SEC fans that the SEC is FULL OF.

    Whether you want to believe it or not, Ohio State's spring football record means much more than any of those numbers that you wrote. The Buckeye fans PAID to see that attendance breaking record in 2009. When the Buckeyes break that record again this coming season, the fans will again pay to be there. You may think that means nothing, but it means a lot. If only half of the Buckeye crowd pays to get into that spring game, you are looking at about $500,000 that the fans paid to go there, I'm sure that Alabama's numbers would be far less if they had to pay to get into Bryant-Denny Stadium. Try to remember that when you write things like how Alabama wins because of statistics on attendance at these spring games. I tried not to mention it in my writings but I was asked how much it costs to see the Buckeyes' spring game by a 'Bama fan. $15 at the gate is not exactly cheap in today's economy. The Buckeyes have great fans and still hold the record until they break it again here in 2012. Buckeye Nation is a real thing too where, as you know, Alabama and Auburn have MANY bandwagon fans that support the State. Just like Mississippi State fans become Alabama and LSU fans after about week #6 of last years season. Sure, you don't want to admit it, but if you don't realize that it exists, you are a bit lost, my friend. I live in SEC country so don't try to tell me that it doesn't happen, I see it first hand every year.

    I was giving Ohio State 3 to 1 odds to have a bigger attendance than Alabama this spring game. I have changed my odds though. My new odds are 5 to 1 in favor of Ohio State (weather permitting in both cases, of course), which your numbers didn't take into account for, I noticed. The reason for the jump to 5 to 1 is simple. In the great state of Alabama, you have some people that are 100% Tide fans. You also have some people that are 100% Tiger fans. The problem is that about 40% of your fans in Alabama are fans of the state and don't make up their minds until one team truly outshines the other. Your spring game as well as Auburn's is on the same day. There is no way that you beat the Buckeyes in attendance numbers, and probably never will again. Good luck to you and your Tide. As always, I wish you and your team well.

  • Lionel Simms posted 3089 days ago

    Lionel Simms

    Derreck, Love most of your comments. You should become a BR writer.

  • Darrell Horwitz posted 3169 days ago

    Darrell  Horwitz

    Hey Derrick,

    You should check out my story on what happened at Penn State and let me know what you think. Whether you agree or not, it's an in depth story that also examines college sports and the mores of society today. Thanks in advance for giving it a look.

  • Jimmy McMurrey posted 3171 days ago

    Jimmy McMurrey

    In addition, I am a big Lebron supporter. I don't give 2 craps about basketball, but he is genuine. He's a winner, and Cleveland was wrong to try to put him on a stake.

  • Jimmy McMurrey posted 3171 days ago

    Jimmy McMurrey

    You and I think alike, Derrick. You are a real yet realistic Alabama fan.

    By the way, your favorite music list...Aren't the All American Rejects a little out of place? Lol. I'm just kiddin', but it is funny.

    Lauren Hill the best damn female singer of the 90's too, btw.