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  • russell munson posted 2731 days ago

    russell munson

    Just read this:

    1981 'Sugar' Ray Leonard vs. 2009 'Pretty Boy' Floyd Mayweather, BY COLIN LINNEWEBER (SENIOR WRITER) ON AUGUST 25, 2010.

    Brilliant! And I agree completely.

  • Ndeanka Nsa Caleb posted 3138 days ago

    Ndeanka Nsa Caleb

    hi colin!long time!hope all is well.Ndeanka.

  • Jeremy Jung posted 3346 days ago

    Jeremy Jung

    [Tip-off] Report about World Series of Boxing
    Dear, Sir
    I'm Jeremy Jung, the event manager of Bitom corp. , the event agency located in Seoul, Korea

    Bitom looking for some help from media for unpleasant issue against WSB (World Series of Boxing) Korea

    Here is some tip-off, and it's really thankful if you have attention with it

    * Bitom had fulfilled overall event management for WSB (World Series of Boxing) Korea.
    Events of WSB Korea (team name : Pohang Poseidons) versus visiting teams (Beijing Dragons, Astana Arlans, Baku Fires) had been held from January to March, 2011

    * After events, WSB Korea keep postpone payment(about 170,000 USD) for Bitom

    * With that result, Bitom started to announce issue to Korean media
    also try to contact to DR. Ching-Kuo WU (AIBA PRESIDENT / WSB CHAIRMAN. Also IOC Committee) to solve this

    * Some articles are published in Korean internet newspaper about this issue, then WSB finally respond last September.
    WSB Korea pay about 88,000 USD (about half of unpaid amount) and promised 'will pay soon rest of amount'

    * But after then, they still keep postpone rest of payment,
    even Jung, Jae Kyu (Owner / General Manager of WSB Korea) did not answer the phone call or any contact.

    * Na, Kevin (
    Lead the foundation for WSB Korea under the direction of Kim, Ho

    * Ho, Kim (
    Secretary general of Aiba.

    * DR. Ching-Kuo WU( : AIBA PRESIDENT / WSB CHAIRMAN. Also IOC Committee
    => It seems his personal email address. We had failed to get his 'business' email address'

    * Jung, Jae Kyu ( / mobile : 82-10-8770-7414) : Owner / General Manager of WSB Korea

    * Kim, Bum Suk ( / 82-10-3110-3913) : former member of WSB Korea. He was hands-on worker for WSB Korea side.



    Sincerely Best Regards

    정지혁 (Jeremy Jung) / 과장
    Account Executive / Manager
    Account Management Team / Bitom Corp.

    Direct) +82-2-3014-5433
    Mobile) +82-10-2318-0943

    Only The Sky Is The Limit

  • Alystar McKenneh posted 3473 days ago

    Alystar McKenneh

    I was just reading a conversation you had a few years ago about MT and Don King. Do you know why MT was set up for the rape of D. Washington? Because MT found out DK had stolen millions from him and drove over to C Palace to sign a contract to fight Holyfield. Do you know why MT came out of prison and signed a lifetime contract with DK? Because DK had had MT raped on tape a year earlier and brought it to the prison to show Mike. Do you know why MT bit Holyfield? Because the tape was found, destroyed and thus Mike needed to get out of the lifetime contract with King. The only way he could was to loose his boxing license.

  • King J posted 3620 days ago

    King J

    Alright guys We doing it once again! Get them into me ASAP deadlines Sat April 30th! GOOD LUCK!

  • D.A. posted 3765 days ago


    Hey Colin

    Here are the 30 best rookie seasons in the past decade:


  • El Mas Chanta Chanta posted 3784 days ago

    El Mas Chanta Chanta

    Your articles are horrible.

  • King J posted 3804 days ago

    King J

    We doing it again bro! Dont miss out!

  • Rallo Tubbs posted 3866 days ago

    Rallo  Tubbs

    BR Fantasy Football League (Slideshow Version)

  • Rallo Tubbs posted 3866 days ago

    Rallo  Tubbs

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