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  • Real NBA Fan posted 1852 days ago

    Real NBA Fan

    Where have you been?

  • Only Cowboys fan you'll like posted 1970 days ago

    Only Cowboys fan you'll like

    Haven't really seen you in the comments.... Make a new account?

  • Only Cowboys fan you'll like posted 2102 days ago

    Only Cowboys fan you'll like

    Your cool and respectable Austin.. Fanned you.

  • Yay Yaaaaaaaaaay posted 2118 days ago

    Yay Yaaaaaaaaaay

    Derrick Williams
    Timberwolves 2nd round Pick via The Warriors

    Evan Turner

    Makes sense for both sides. T-Wolves need a SF to compete or backup Brewer, and the 76ers want more youth and picks. Plus, Turner doesn't want to be there. Win-Win!

    Do you agree. Your like the Minnesota sports God on b/r lol

  • Yay Yaaaaaaaaaay posted 2151 days ago

    Yay Yaaaaaaaaaay

    It's they're fault if they put themselves under pressure. My point is, the QB has to know how to play under pressure, and they need to know how to protect themselves. Being a Vikes fan is hard sometimes, but it's like a marriage. Thru the good times and bad lol

  • Yay Yaaaaaaaaaay posted 2151 days ago

    Yay Yaaaaaaaaaay

    A QB needs to know how to thrive under pressure. They need to know how to make deep, good passes, and when to throw. Thats Ponder's biggest problem, he doesn't know WHEN to throw. The Oline cant hold the defense back all day, eventually they;re gonna break thru. Ponder needs to stop taking his sweet time, and throw the god damn ball! Another thing is, when he finally musters up the courage to throw the ball, it either gets intercepted, or it goes out of bounce. And seriously, he has to stop running it. One thing I noticed is that when ponder snaps the ball, he takes like three huge steps back. After 30 minutes of standing there, the tackles break thru the Oline, and he ends up running it, but he's so far away from the line of scrimmage, he ends up getting sacked. IMO, Ponder is not an option anymore for the Vikes.

  • Yay Yaaaaaaaaaay posted 2152 days ago

    Yay Yaaaaaaaaaay

    Hey Austin , do you agree with my comment? Somebody said that Christian Ponder wasn't the problem for the Vikings, that the O-line was. This is what they said,

    Cam Harland posted 1 day ago
    I'm not really a Vikings fan but I am a football fan. From the outside looking in I think after this weekend there will be a huge realization in Viking land that Ponder is not the problem. Give this guy an O-line and a star receiver and these guys could be a factor in the NFC north. AP can't do it by himself.

    This is what I responded:

    Yay Yaaaaaaaaaay posted 1 day ago
    Proves you know nothing about the Vikes. They have Josh Sullivan the best C in the NFL, and Matt Kalil who has only been in the league for 2 years and is already a pro bowler. O-Line is not the problem. The QB basically throwing himself at the tackles is. O-Line can't do it by themselves either. QB has to somewhat protect himself.

    Do you agree with my comment?

  • Daniel Daniel posted 2152 days ago

    Daniel Daniel


  • AyubTheGoat posted 2185 days ago


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  • Daniel Daniel posted 2186 days ago

    Daniel Daniel

    Wanna join the B/R league?