I've become normal now. That does not take away from the fact that my interest in Tennis has diminished considerably.

FYI, 2+2 = 5 for extremely large values of 2. So if your desire to achieve a thing is extremely large, then even the most impossible of statistics can also be twisted.

Howz that ? (I'm well shielded from tomatoes and eggs that you are trying to bombard me with)

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  • Dann Khan posted 3674 days ago

    Dann Khan

    Hey mate. Wrote a piece that has so far been appreciated a lot. Wouls like to know your thoughts.

    Thanks, Dann

  • Shikha posted 3685 days ago


    Part 2 of a 'Rafa' series.

  • Rob York posted 3697 days ago

    Rob York

    Gee, I hadn't noticed.

  • Rajat Jain posted 3698 days ago

    Rajat Jain

    finally some hate mail there! posted on the article comments. check it out :)

    (I have posted it, actually. The one wrote this comment is not on b/r)

  • Dann Khan posted 3704 days ago

    Dann Khan

    Hey Mate

    Wrote this piece on Tamim Iqbal, the Bangladeshi opener. Could you please check it out.

  • Rajat Jain posted 3705 days ago

    Rajat Jain

    had to look up on internet to see what they mean, although had a "rough" idea. are you gettin married or something? usually thats the reason such symptoms happen.

  • reredeF0regoR posted 3705 days ago


    "I can leave Tennis but never Cricket." [!]

    Wrote 25 articles so far.. 22 of'm are Tennis! If you prefer cricket, show it. trying to learn about the sport, how about you write one for dummies[?
    And I was planning to draw you one, yes.. but you asked me not to :"p

  • Rajat Jain posted 3705 days ago

    Rajat Jain

    eat cricket, sleep cricket drink only coca cola?

  • Rajat Jain posted 3706 days ago

    Rajat Jain

    Not sure if you are following cricket these days or not..