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Johnny slapshot


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  • C K posted 2451 days ago

    C K

    Thanks for the wall post man! I'm liking what I'm seeing from you as well. ESPN material though? That's almost a slap in the face. Hradek and Buccigross were the best they had in years and now it's just Burnside all over the place. Half of these goons could do a better job than that one hahah. All kidding aside, thanks for the compliment. Can't wait for October.

  • Jason Sapunka posted 2453 days ago

    Jason Sapunka

    I planned on going to bed 4 hours ago, but thanks to the first day of free agency that didn't happen haha.. I wrote about it in two articles, but basically I liked it. We'll have to see what happens next, and I'm passing judgment on Talbot until I see him play for Philadelphia.

  • Jason Sapunka posted 2454 days ago

    Jason Sapunka

    Thanks Joe, I'm glad you liked it.

    It's good to hear some positive feedback when I'm used to seeing tons of complaints in the comments from readers who got their feelings hurt by what I wrote about their favorite player.