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I have been covering college football and basketball since 1984. I have enjoyed working as a sports anchor in Lubbock, Texas as well as a play-by-play announcer for BYU football and basketball with BYUtv. I am currently the Managing Editor of Deep Shades of Blue.

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  • TCU Hater posted 3798 days ago

    TCU Hater

    Quinn, I know this is off topic but I've been following the developments of TCU to the Big East. I know it is probably because I'm a BYU fan, but I fail to see why BYU would not be number one on the Big East's list.

    To start, although BYU doesn't add the same BCS bolstering resume TCU does. They, none the less, do add to the Big East's BCS inclusion criteria. As well, BYU could join by the 2011 season, which would add their criteria to the next BCS big wig meeting, while TCU would have to wait until 2012, which would not make their stats available to the Big East for the 2013 BCS review.

    Second, BYU would no doubt increase the fan base of the Big East. With BYU's new contract with ESPN netting them a higher payday than the Big East's tv contract nets their teams. Third, a big concern for the Big East is keeping their 16 team basketball schedule intact. To which the TCU AD said he would not include football only in the Big East, the other sports would have to come. It seems BYU would be more than willing to include only football since their non-revenue sports have a home in the WCC. And the cost of coast to coast travel may be a deal breaker.

    The only concern the Big East would be facing is a trip every other year to Provo. Which is hardly a deal breaker since a trip to Fort Worth is not too much shorter.

    Also, do you think the BYU should be lobbying for inclusion in the Big East if it means a cut in

  • Matt L. Stephens posted 4002 days ago

    Matt L. Stephens

    Hey Quinn, any relation to Tyler? Also, try adding photos to your stories so they can get featured on the MWC page.

  • Robert Fritts posted 4008 days ago

    Robert Fritts

    Quinn, Just came across this site. Yes I enjoyed watching you play, but mostly in Tucson in HS. Always thought your leadership was impressive. Have you ever thought about being a Combat Arms officer in the US Army? Perfect Fit!

  • Richard O'Neal posted 4261 days ago

    Richard O'Neal

    Added you as a fan, feel free to check out my latest article when you get the chance and add me as a fan too.


  • Honor Warren Wells TheTorch posted 4278 days ago

    Honor Warren Wells TheTorch

    Walter Cronkite

    A Salute to a Young Journalist
    B/R scribe attended the Arizona State University Walter Cronkite School of Journalism

  • Honor Warren Wells TheTorch posted 4278 days ago

    Honor Warren Wells TheTorch

    Walter Cronkite

    A Salute to a Young Journalist
    B/R scribe attended the Arizona State University Walter Cronkite School of Journalism

  • Farid Rushdi posted 4469 days ago

    Farid Rushdi

    You probably grow weary of hearing this, but I really enjoyed watching you play.

    It's amazing where you run into Cougars and former Cougars. When I lived in West Palm Beach, Florida, I had the opportunity to play basketball against this little 5'10" missionary in our ward. I'm 6'4".

    He destroyed me. He even dunked on me.

    Turned out it was running back Freddie Whittingham.

    I moved to Pocatello in the late 1980's and became the photographer for the Idaho State University football and basketball programs.

    Got to be really good friends with Kyle Whittingham.

    I've been wanting to call and congratulate him on his #2 ranking and Sugar Bowl win, but the BYU blue in me just keeps me from picking up the phone.

    For now, anyway.

    I was also the public address announcer for the Idaho Falls Braves (Rookie League) in 1988, and had the opportunity to meet and befriend former Cougar 2nd baseman Gary Schoonover.

    All of you guys are pretty remarkable. Me? I just raised six kids (though two of my kids were severely handicapped. Maybe that counts for something).

    Thanks for your outstanding play, and thanks for your service both to God and your church.

    I have written a lot of sports stories over the years and a few have been published (the rest have been on team websites, etc.). I would love the opportunity to ask you a few questions and write a story about you, about your time with the Cougars, human interest stuff, etc. It could be in the form of emailed questions or a few minutes on the phone -- whatever you like. You might not think your time on the field was a big deal, but those of us without your special ability would love a "backstage" look at life for a former Cougar.

    Let me know. Either way, thanks for entertaining me during your time in Provo. It's much appreciated.

  • J. Michael Morris posted 4475 days ago

    J. Michael Morris