Kyle Gibson

Kyle Gibson


Born and raised in Charleston, SC. Groomed to be the die hard Irish fan I am today by my late step father from South Bend. I am not a graduate of any school, instead enlisting in the Marine Corps straight out of high school. I say what I mean and mean what I say.

-Pride doesn't have rebuilding years-

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  • Mike O'Rourke posted 2046 days ago

    Mike O'Rourke


    If we have any chance of removing Mr.Troll we need to write to the message board and complain and even write to the various featured writers themselves by clicking on their name at the top of the article and ask if they want to write articles for ND B/R when ND fans will never visit and comment on their articles because Mr Troll has driven everyone else away.

    Otherwise this site will become a ghost town where no one comes to visit...

    Mike O'Rourke

  • Mike O'Rourke posted 2059 days ago

    Mike O'Rourke

    Kyle---You and Marty Healy and number of others should be getting rather pissed by now with the volume of Troll-behavior from the one psycho poster whose behavior has gone from bad to ridiculous with streams of incoherent posts using dozens of fake screen names.

    I have written an email of protest to B/R Main Web Site at and I advise you to do the same. I think the B/R people would hate to see the ND Football site evaporate because no one wants to deal with Mr. Troll's out of control insanity.

    I think we can get him blocked and stopped if and when he returns.


    Mike O'Rourke

  • Mike Muratore posted 2451 days ago

    Mike Muratore

    Tough game, huh Kyle? Probably tougher for you being down in Dixie and all... hope you're holding up alright!
    I wanted to thank you for being a great poster, always having great thoughts and for great insights. Keep posting!
    I'm done here... too much going on at the "real job" and family, and not enough time to write. B/R stripped my FC tag... so I'm going to retire!
    My email is if you ever need to contact... I'll still float around here occasionally... but I wanted to reach out to the folks on B/R that I consider friends.
    Looking forward to a great 2013, GO IRISH!

  • Mike Bormann posted 2475 days ago

    Mike Bormann

    hows that crow? Roll Tide

  • Emily O'Neill Elmer posted 2487 days ago

    Emily O'Neill Elmer

    Hi Kyle,

    Yep! I try to write a new article once or twice a week. I've been an ND fan since birth pretty much, all the guys in my family went there and my great-grandpa was a professor there.

    I appreciate you comment on my red zone article, very insightful.

  • Brian Frisch posted 2510 days ago

    Brian Frisch

    Hey Kyle, look at the spreadsheet I made. It has the games ND and Bama played against current top 25 teams, with stats from the games and how well they did compared to that teams average. Then it takes the difference between the two to see who did it better (positive ND, negative Bama). Hope it gives you some ammo!

  • Noah Coffman posted 2558 days ago

    Noah Coffman

    I am also a huge ND fan. I am a native of South Bend and attended my first football game in ND stadium in 1961; Notre Dame vs Navy.(The Irish lost!!) Believe it or not I went to school with the Rockne family!! John Rockne was my locker partner in 7th grade. I have been to quite a few ND games and have seen ND players and many great players on the opposing teams(like Bob Griese or Roger Staubach.) I have enjoyed reading your keep rolling with it dude.

  • Robert Marl posted 2608 days ago

    Robert Marl

    Hello again, Kyle. I'm still on BR and you're still grinding out the worthy posts on ND articles. Between your lucid devotion to my school and your service (I'm a military brat), I just wanted to say that if you ever happen to find yourself in South Bend on a Saturday during this or any fall semester, I wouldn't mind sitting out a game to give you a ticket. No bullshit.

  • kevin macarthy posted 2649 days ago

    kevin macarthy

    For some reason I couldn't repost. Yes what I meant was usc doesn't have depth on the D-line. We as ND fans know what good LB's, DB's with no D-line is like, couple that with ND's team strength on the offensive line and we could controll the game by taking care of the ball and running it down their throat. I have learned long ago not to disrespect or underscore the athlete's at usc.

  • Robert Marl posted 2663 days ago

    Robert Marl

    Hey, Kyle. I'm a relative noob to bleacher report and fellow ND fan. I've seen your comments pop up on a lot of ND articles and I just wanted to say I'm glad you're on here! I've thought your comments are intelligent and respectful and since we ND fans get a lot of heat for being dicks/arrogant, I figured I'd have to stop by your profile and say thanks for being a good rep for the Irish mob. Looking forward to Sept...go Irish!