I enjoy playing a number of sports tennis being on top of them. I also follow golf and cricket. My favorite tournaments are the four slams, the four majors, the Ryder Cup and Cricket matches between India and Australia.
Watching the Augusta Masters tournament in early Spring (on TV) is one of my most favorite things of the year. And there is absolutely nothing like physically being at the US Open National Tennis center for the US Open. Despite not being perfect, Roger and Tiger are arguably the greatest to play their sports and Sehwag is the most destructive batsman since Viv Richards.
I cannot stay away from saying something about politics, public policy and the art and scams of business. I admire billionaires that "spread so much wealth around" - Gates, Jobs, Brin & Page, Yang and many others. But paying hired employees such as the CEOs at some 200 times the average worker for just showing up continues to be one of the biggest scams in corporate history.
What caused the credit crisis? Wrong incentives drove the wrong behavior. The opportunity to make unlimited money at investment banks drove bankers to take unlimited risks with some one else's money. It is as simple as that. Unless we remove these incentives no amount of bail out will help and wall street will be back at its game in no time.
Free markets won't remain free without government involvement. And people get the government they deserve.

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  • Xeno-philous F posted 3334 days ago

    Xeno-philous F

    Hey T. Masta, where have you been?
    I was also gone for a long and am back now.
    Here is my latest piece. If you get a chance to read, let me hear what you think:

  • Gil posted 3665 days ago


    thanks Masta...Someone already gave me a note on that one, but thanks nonetheles...great shot that. In some ways, much tougher than he made it look considering he hardly had any angle to work with.

  • U. S. posted 3684 days ago

    U. S.

    Wrote this 3 months ago, please check it out and leave a comment with context from today

  • Xeno-philous F posted 3702 days ago

    Xeno-philous F

    The US Open Draw is released. I've analyzed the Men's draw, in addition to the Top Ten players' form and recent performance, and made some projection in an unconventional way.
    Check it out. I am sure you'll like it.
    Thank you so much,


  • claudia celestial girl posted 3704 days ago

    claudia celestial girl

    Dude! Check out a new article that Clarabella just posted:

    Would love to have your opinion. This is one that Clarabella and I have collaborated on, and your comments a few months ago when I was thinking about this for an early and related article were sort of folded in. what do you think now?

  • Marianne Bevis posted 3750 days ago

    Marianne Bevis

    Don't know if you noticed the pair of slideshows I and Claudia have put together? A bit of fun, really, but you might like a few of the pics......

  • Marianne Bevis posted 3758 days ago

    Marianne Bevis

    I hope you might like my visual tribute to Roger at this Wimbledon. I'm having to face the fact that my wonderful time at Wimbledon is over for this year, and this has helped me preserve the memories. A highly emotional week for me.

  • Rocky Getters posted 3761 days ago

    Rocky Getters

    Hey there my friend. My latest article, "The official Bleacher Report Handbook"

    A must read! Hope you'll find time and have a look. Thanks :)