FC Bayern Munich Fan: A Letter to the Readers

Hi everyone,

I am about to take a break from Bleacher Report. I joined B/R in 2008 and I have spent an incredible amount of time in this website. I firstly want to say I have been privileged to read the excellent works and comments of many an author and fan on this site including Willie Gannon, Mary O'Shea, Jamie Ward, Kamal Ali, Dave Kuhn, Johannes, Egmont Schloendorf, Matt Bueningand Michael Cerny.

I watched Bayern beat Juventus soundly and felt incredibly happy. Basti was my Man of the Match by the way, but I am incredibly sad for my favorite Bayern player, Toni Kroos, whose season ended after just 10 minutes of play. Many of you might be wondering why I am quitting B/R in April.

I am heading over to Bavarian Football Works for a short time and might then perhaps return for next season. I will miss the readership here incredibly including the Dortmund fan who lost his mind on me when I said some unsavory things about his team! (I will still be rooting for them against Malaga!) I will miss Peter, the Hertha fan, Matt, Maen, Noah, Egmont, Prateek, Junior, Ahmad, Mateen, Dieter, Svendin and everyone else who comments regularly. I will miss Ricky too.

Thanks everyone for making my time at B/R wonderful. When the old guard left, I missed them a lot. The new ones made me feel incredible too. I hope to return after the end of the season.

So, this is goodbye from me, at least temporarily. Keep supporting Bayern.

Mia San Mia!

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  • Junior Yanez posted 2570 days ago

    Junior Yanez

    COME BACK!!! D':

  • Andie Preuss posted 2594 days ago

    Andie Preuss

    Hey Samrin!

    Hope things are going well at Football Works. When will you be writing again? Clark must be getting lonely.

  • Svenedin Zidane posted 2607 days ago

    Svenedin Zidane

    Hey Samrin!

    I wish you a wonderful time! I´m looking forward seeing you again here. B/R!


  • Peter Parker posted 2612 days ago

    Peter Parker

    Sad to hear that, Samrin!
    I hope you have fun at Bavarian Football and wish you all the best.
    I'll drop by once in a while, but look forward to the day you come back to B/R.

  • Ricky Granados posted 2616 days ago

    Ricky Granados

    Samrin I can't believe you are taking a break from B/R! I will miss you too, I hope you come back soon. If I have free time when the CL final comes around and a german team is in it; I will defintelly send you what I am thinking about heheh.

    You should check out the Confed cup in Brazil, well worth a watch IMO.

  • Junior Yanez posted 2616 days ago

    Junior Yanez

    OH NOOOOOOOES!!! :'(

    Gonna miss your articles :( You will be missed. I hope for a swift return. Good luck and take care!

    Fellow Bayern fan.

  • Bayern fan 1 posted 2616 days ago

    Bayern fan 1

    I can't believe my favorite Bayern writer on this website is leaving. ugh! I will need to make my way over to BFW now. Samrin you will be missed much in the Bayern section of B/R... Now we only got mainly Clark.... lol j/k. Still you will be missed Samrin!

    Your favorite neighborhood Bayern fan,
    Johannes Steber

    Mia San Mia

  • P D posted 2616 days ago

    P D

    I will try to follow your articles and will miss them on bleacher,enjoy your new experience! Mia san mia!!

  • Le Prince posted 2616 days ago

    Le Prince

    Oh, Samrin. You will be missed, sis. Of course, I'll take a peek at BFW every now and then - at least for a Samrin article!

  • Kathryn Louw posted 2616 days ago

    Kathryn Louw

    Samrin - You know that I go to BFW so I will for you there. So excited!!!