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  • Paulie Walnuts posted 3296 days ago

    Paulie Walnuts

    Mike, I never tried or intentded to come off somewhat cocky to you. If you go back and ready all that was said between the 2 of us you can see maybe i take in all factors that most fans don't get into. Im very well versed on the cap and its implications. More so than other fans, which totally frustrate me, i don't just take names and throw them around. I simply said that Burke is nuts if he doesn't take a 1st round pick for him.....bye which you stated there would definately be a player package! Frankly the conversation got into Leino vs. Versteeg and my whole point in all of it was I still think you undervalue Versteeg and maybe overvalue Leino. Leino can have his suspect moments and i still say if u look at the facts Versteeg has produced more than Leino since he has come into the league. Now Leino may have more of an upside, i think he has done himself in bye not taking the 2 offers that were givin to him which would indicate his desire to test the market. Most teams who feel they could lose out on a player like that usually try and deal him away so they don't end up losing him for nothing(that tends on whether or not a team is in contention as well). So in the end the Flyers maybe backing themselves up incase he does leave, which went into my point of worry about it over the summer......I know that sounds like something a common fan would say, but once in a while it can be the right way to go. Again its was never my intention to come off cocky, yet i did get somewhat frustrated when you went that route by lecturing me somewhat on how the game works.

    Some of us out there do understand it all!!!

  • Paulie Walnuts posted 3297 days ago

    Paulie Walnuts

    Do you still think i don't know what im talking about considering the trade that just happend?

  • G D posted 4045 days ago

    G D


    My friend said to me the other day.."Hey, wanna hear a funny joke"..I replied with "Sure, why not"..He said.."Stephon Marbury"..Let me know what you think!


  • 4-6-3 posted 4157 days ago


    Great article Mike...Keep up the writing throughout the ALCS and beyond!

  • RedSox Maniac posted 4159 days ago

    RedSox Maniac

    One of the greatest comments on Bleacher Report posted by an anonymous. Hope you come back and give more insights. Thanks for talking about the Simmons article.