Brad  Frank

Brad Frank


Sports Editor of Wapakoneta (Ohio) Daily News.

26 years old. Graduate of Bowling Green State University.
Major: Sport Management
Minor: Journalism

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  • John Friel posted 3627 days ago

    John Friel

    Hey Brad, thanks for the read. That must have taken a lot of work, I spent upwards of three days on just 50 players. I'll definitely read it, just shoot me a link when it's up.

  • Mike Kline posted 3675 days ago

    Mike  Kline

    It was pretty bad there for a while. I had Doug Gotlieb's voice in my head. That was until the second half. GTHC

  • Undead Warrior posted 3976 days ago

    Undead Warrior
    please leave feedback
    *GWAR is awesome!*

  • Tyler Lambert posted 4049 days ago

    Tyler Lambert

    Thanks for the kind words Brad. I really appreciate it!

  • Henry Ball posted 4124 days ago

    Henry  Ball

    Hey man,

    Check this one out if you've got a minute!

    Maybe we can slay us a giant! Thanks - HB

  • JW Nix posted 4128 days ago

    JW Nix

    you might dig this from KD. Worthy of AOTD :

  • Keith Schlosser posted 4135 days ago

    Keith Schlosser

    It's time to prepare the throne, the King has arrived in New York! Lebron James made his only appearance of the season at Madison Square Garden against the Knicks tonight. Take a look.

  • Tyler Lambert posted 4144 days ago

    Tyler Lambert

    No problem Brad, I really liked the article!

  • Tyler Lambert posted 4145 days ago

    Tyler Lambert

    Hey Brad,

    I just completed the second of a three part series between myself, Mike Kline and Justin McTeer, breaking down the Duke Blue Devils basketball season.

    I highlight the back court of Duke and the different players that will need to contribute to the team. If you get a chance, check it out.

    Feedback is always appreciated. Thanks!

  • Tyler Lambert posted 4157 days ago

    Tyler Lambert

    Happy to see the Duke profile picture Brad!