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If you love all things basketball, you're in the right place.

I'm an NBA Draft specialist for B/R, which means I get to enjoy covering both college and NBA action. Four years at D-III Franciscan University taught me a lot about basketball, but more about life.

My work has been featured on (among others) and I've appeared on Sirius XM NBA Radio, as well as The Score 1260 in Syracuse, KURE 88.5 in Ames, Iowa, and Nationwide News Radio in Kingston, Jamaica.

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  • Daniel O'Brien posted 1182 days ago

    Daniel O'Brien

    Haha, no, the Serena article is not why I no longer cover tennis. Just had more opportunities with the NBA.
    And yes, the article looks silly in retrospect. But she was not herself back then, and you can't blame some folks for doubting she'd ever get back to top form.

  • Dominick Ferguson posted 1198 days ago

    Dominick Ferguson

    Is this why you no longer cover tennis?

  • Professor Fate posted 1251 days ago

    Professor Fate

    I remain very puzzled by the evaluation of Emmanuel Mudiay. Now I understand that I do not have access to as much video as "the experts" but what I've seen of him only shows sparks of quality. Take another look at his shot. It is not a good stroke. The chief culprit is his off-hand (non-shooting hand). He has the typical thumb-flick of the inconsistent shooter. As he releases the ball the thumb puts pressure on the side of the ball. The inconsistency of the pressure makes the ball go off to the right or left. These shooters will be streaky at best and find it difficult to figure out what's happening to their shot and then to correct because they think they are only using one hand. They'll also tend to be long on the shot. Mudiay's free-throw shot is abysmal. It's very, very flat. Correcting his kind of stroke is difficult even at his age. He is a physically gifted athlete but it will take several years to correct his game, especially his shot. He has not faced competition that is even as good as good college play. He's a bad choice except in the mid-first round. This kid has a lot of flaws. Cameron Payne is far more polished. As for the rumors that the Lakers are interested in Mudiay, Jordan Clark is far more advanced. Mudiay is more like a bull in a China shop. It works for the bull but plays havoc on the China.

  • james purcell posted 1652 days ago

    james purcell

    Dan the man. According to your latest article, it looks like the 76ers had by far the best draft last year. A 1 & a 4.

  • Lawrence Noble-Robinson posted 1652 days ago

    Lawrence Noble-Robinson

    Hey can you proof read your most recent article about re drafting the 2013 class. Thanks

  • Peter Richman posted 1727 days ago

    Peter Richman

    No problem, man. Enjoyed your article—keep it up.

  • Rob Koch posted 1731 days ago

    Rob Koch

    Great article on where this years top picks will land. Enjoyed it.

  • Daniel O'Brien posted 1764 days ago

    Daniel O'Brien

    Aaron Gordon IS in the top 5 small forwards. At No. 2.

  • Andy Wong posted 1768 days ago

    Andy Wong

    No prob. I actually really enjoyed the article; had to look up Zach LaVine for it. I consider myself a draft nerd and even I had no idea where he was from.

  • Mark yeoh posted 1771 days ago

    Mark yeoh

    no aaron gordon on the top 5 draft prospects in each position what are you smoking pot??

    stupid americans, cant even understnad our own game

    no mitch mcgary? glen robinson??