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  • H Andel posted 3079 days ago

    H Andel

    Thanks, Anabelle, for the kind words you left on my Bulletin board. Always good to be acquainted with a fellow football lover.

  • Roberto Alvarez-Galloso posted 3171 days ago

    Roberto Alvarez-Galloso

    Thank you Anabelle for being my fan and for visiting my page. My best wishes for you.

  • Naz O. posted 3185 days ago

    Naz O.

    Thanks Anabelle for the compliment and the fan add ,just saw your post . I am flattered. Could not help whenever i see your profile image but to think you are a Flamengo fan ):

  • Kaustav Bose posted 3235 days ago

    Kaustav Bose

    Thanks a lot for being my fan Anabelle, I saw your message very late as I was out of town for sometime.
    Yeah, I have heard loads of rumors about Suarez too, and going by his abilities it is not tough to grab attention either, however, I doubt him leaving Liverpool in atleast 2 years time. However, if we don't make the Top 4 this season, anything can happen, but presumably nothing before that.

  • Hrishi Tiwari posted 3255 days ago

    Hrishi Tiwari

    Thanks for the kind words and fan add Annabelle :)

  • Lawrence McNeela posted 3266 days ago

    Lawrence McNeela

    Annabelle, those clashes in 05 & 07 were immense. Liverpool and AC Milan, true European giants. The Pele or Maradona thing? Pele was surrounded by great players whereas Maradona almost won the World Cup in 86 (and got his side to the final in 90) singlehandedly. Still, it's only an opinion.

  • Sam Tighe posted 3291 days ago

    Sam Tighe

    Thanks a lot for becoming a fan!

  • Dino posted 3330 days ago


    Hey thanks for becoming a fan I have a new slideshow out on Italy's best 11 if you'd like to read.

  • Robin S posted 3365 days ago

    Robin S

    Thanks for the video anabelle! kind of emotional video but brilliant/ thanks once again

  • Thomas Atzenhoffer posted 3371 days ago

    Thomas Atzenhoffer

    Answers to your questions:

    1) I believe in the long run John W. Henry, Damien Camolli, and Kenny Dalglish have a plan. Henry rebuilt the Red Sox from the bottom up with Theo Epstein over the course of three years to Win the 2004 World Series and then the 2007 one also. I think the money is not the issue, they are going to go after the players they believe fit into their plan.

    I believe that plan is going to envolve players between the ages of 20 - 27 in most cases because they want players with room to grow, and also those in or nearing their prime. They also want to have players that can still be worth something if they sell them on.

    2) As for Kenny Dalglish, I feel he has to at minimum secure top 5 to keep his job, and if he does it while getting a Domestic Cup or something along the way the fans would be more forgiving than if we spend another season without any Silverware at all.