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  • T Mart posted 3664 days ago

    T Mart

    There is nothing worse than a young mexican kid who learns to speak english then decides the jets are his favorite team since they have a dirty mexican QB. Especially one who then decides he knows something about football and then tries to engage in arguements with real football fans. Joey Cincodemayo shouldn't you be rolling up some burritos or mowing someone's lawn instead of pretending to know about football?

  • T Mart posted 3664 days ago

    T Mart

    listen kid, you are a joke. Nobody wants to read your opinionated slamming articles of teams that have no facts or substance to them. I don't know how you afforded a computer and internet connection down there in Mexico, I'm guessing Mark Sanchez mailed you some pesos.

  • MIKE YARBROUGH posted 3668 days ago


    Dear Joey, A past article you posted about Dolphin Fans hating the Jets. Me being a third generation native to Miami We hate New Yorkers! Not just the Jet fans.
    When I travel I show respect to the the locals. In the winter NY"s crowd our state with rude bad manner jerks. We cant wait for summer for the jerks to leave. But they stay because who wants to leave paridise. If NY is such a great place then why are they all here and not in Buffalo"s Stadium or the Patriots Stadium. I have season tickets and sell the Jet tickets every year to a NY tourist (sucker) for $500 each wich pays for 5 more games where I can watch the game with much more respectful tourist and enjoy the game. On the football side Jets are so overhiped this year. This year the Fins have the best O-line in the NFL and the best running back tadem in the NFL with a much better QB by far and a top 5 NFL reciever in Marshall..Devon Bess is better than any slot reciever on the Jets.2nd round pick Koa Misi is the next Zach Thomas he is the shining star at our OTA"s. Our 2nd year corners are no slouches either. We upgraded all over the defense. In the free agency we shoped at Macys. The Jets shopped at Wallmart. Sanchez and Holmes dont scare me. Brady and Moss do.The Pats or the Fins will take the AFC East and a wildcard. The. Jets will watch the playoffs on there couches in Miami. Miami has alot of Patriot and Bills Fans and all agree on 1 thing. We all hate the Jets FANS!.Fins swept the Jets last year and when was the last time you won the AFC East? The only good thing out of NY is I-95 South. Bring your money the locals cant wait to take it see ya soon suckers! .

  • Dave Morrison posted 4300 days ago

    Dave Morrison

    No worries man, Great article, I'm stoked to read the next one.