I love to write, and I love sports, baseball and basketball in particular. It seems like working here is a good fit. As a senior at the University of Vermont, writing is a great outlet for the creativity not always required by my accounting and statistics courses (those are my two majors). My athletic resume consists of power soccer which is the fastest growing sport for power wheelchair users.

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626,431 (population of Vermont) - July 28, 2012
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  • joe Seahawk posted 1751 days ago

    joe Seahawk

    Pussy. SEAHAWKS absolutely destroyed old man manning and the broncos. You're not qualified tonpredict anything. You should be fired. Oh and by the way - the Pac 12 is on the rise.

  • Warriors FTW posted 2187 days ago

    Warriors FTW

    No problem

  • Warriors FTW posted 2191 days ago

    Warriors FTW

    Just fanned you!

  • Donald Lancaster posted 2216 days ago

    Donald Lancaster

    I disagree with you that Cleveland is not a baseball town. Between June 12, 1995 and April 4, 2001, the Indians sold out 455 consecutive home games, drawing a total of 19,324,248 fans to Jacobs Field. The demand for tickets was so great that all 81 home games were sold out before Opening Day on at least three separate occasions. The sellout streak set a Major League Baseball record; this was broken by the Boston Red Sox on September 8, 2008. They were also the first team in MLB to draw over 2,000,000 fans in a season drawing 2,620,627 in 1948 and 2,233,771 in 1949. From 1996 to 2001 they drew over 3,000,000 fans a year.

  • Julian Z posted 2294 days ago

    Julian Z

    Thanks for the compliment!

  • Ely Sussman posted 2295 days ago

    Ely Sussman

    Thanks for fanning me! Little things like that are so encouraging. I appreciate it, Zak.

  • Julian Z posted 2296 days ago

    Julian Z

    Hey Zak, thanks for being a fan of mine! I really appreciate it because I like most of your work a lot. I've "fanned" you right back, btw.

  • Pete Schauer posted 2302 days ago

    Pete Schauer

    Hey Zak,

    Thanks for the helpful response. My problem was that I was just pasting it into the body of the article instead of the HTML box.

    Thanks again.

  • Pete Schauer posted 2317 days ago

    Pete Schauer

    Hey Zak, how did you get your twitter button to display in your article? Mine doesn't seem to be working: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1261613-mlb-trade-rumors-are-the-atlanta-braves-pursuing-an-ace

  • Cole Ripperda posted 2351 days ago

    Cole Ripperda

    I think it's rediculous that you tell the Twins to start selling...They are 10 games under.500 and 8.5 games back BUT The pitching rotation has come around and They have a line up consisting up 2 former MVPs....I mean they have more of a shot than teams that you claimed had a chance...THEY HAVE ALSO WON 10 OF THEIR LAST 12!