Rich is in his fourth year as a sports journalist in 2012, and he currently is an NBA, Denver Nuggets Featured Columnist for B/R, the CSU Rams and Denver Broncos Examiner for examiner.com, the Rocky Mountain Regional Correspondent for StadiumJourney.com and a contributor to MileHighHoops.com, BlakeStreetBulletin.com and BroncosNews.com.

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  • Gustavo Mendonca posted 3198 days ago

    Gustavo Mendonca

    Hey, can you write a story on how you think each nuggets player will do in the playoffs?
    thanks :)

  • Chris Stephens posted 3347 days ago

    Chris Stephens

    Wrote a story looking at some of the similarities between Tim Tebow and the Bible's David. Check it out at http://bleacherreport.com/articles/955424-tebow-like-david-when-he-took-on-goliath

  • Kyle Langan posted 3410 days ago

    Kyle Langan

    Hey, would you be able to send your e mail to klangan@omnipossible.com? I want to get the B/R community leaders on a mailing list for a press release on behalf of Sports Media 101.


  • Swoosh Nation posted 3489 days ago

    Swoosh Nation

    Rich, on my way out now, I'll be back on the 15th, with the launch on the 19th. Please try to continue to post at least once per day in the message boards and keep in mind that your first article should be added to the site Monday the 18th. Talk to you soon. -Malcolm

  • Swoosh Nation posted 3491 days ago

    Swoosh Nation

    Rich, site scheduled to launch July 19 ( http://swooshnation.com/staff-forum/116-target-launch-date-july-19.html#116 )! Please try to play your part by posting in forums until launch. Thanks!

  • Josh Vitale posted 3649 days ago

    Josh Vitale

    Joshin' Around is back! Check out my analysis on some of the Broncos' option s in free agency: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/585144-joshin-around-rebuilding-the-broncos-through-free-agency

  • Bhavik Darji posted 3773 days ago

    Bhavik Darji

    Hey Rich, check out my latest!

    Melo involved in a four team deal.

  • Classic Nostalgia posted 3818 days ago

    Classic Nostalgia

    Did you just call Boozer the featured star of Chicago?!?! LOL. You gotta keep up with what's going on in the league buddy... do you know who the 2008 Rookie of the Year is? Do u know who's the only All-Star on the Bulls? Do you know who has the 4th highest selling jersey in the NBA? Do you know who carried the bulls to the playoffs in his first two years in the league? Keep up buddy, keep up.

  • I KnowBball posted 3846 days ago

    I KnowBball

    You really know nothing about basketball...
    What makes you think that the Nets signed Bo Outlaw...
    do your research before u feed kids with ur BS...
    who gave u this job...

  • John Doublin posted 3882 days ago

    John Doublin

    Part 3!