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  • R B posted 2725 days ago

    R B

    then why did you include San Fran, Seattle, and Washington? next time don't include them... i didn't have a problem with you mentioning the other teams which is why i didn't single any of them out. also, you keep talking about how the Jets have 4 QB's on their roster , well now it looks like Mark Sanchez will miss the entire season with shoulder surgery. looks like Rex is smarter than you think.

  • Joe Buckeye posted 2730 days ago

    Joe Buckeye

    No Will, not the same at all. In the R/O the running play and ball carrier is not decided until AFTER the snap and AFTER the DE (and sometimes CB) commit to their positioning.

    And please stop spamming my bulletin board. There's nothing you've said here that isn't more appropriate on the threads.

  • R B posted 2730 days ago

    R B

    Let these two quotes said by you sink in for a minute.

    "Who's running the read/option this season? Philly, Seattle, San Francisco, Carolina, Washington, KC, Chicago, and the Raiders... (I may have missed a couple teams, like Buffalo's partial use of the r/o)"

    "If these teams start winning big with the R/O, some renegade owner will hire Tebow to run Tebow's own version of the Read Option."

  • Joe Buckeye posted 2732 days ago

    Joe Buckeye

    @Will, you said: "If Josh McDaniels was not able to save him in Denver and New England . . . I seriously doubt that anyone else will be trying again anytime soon."

    Tebow's fortunes will rise or fall on the Read/Option offense. If the R/O succeeds across most of the new offenses (Philly, KC, Raiders, Chi, etc) then four or five other struggling head coaches will be doing all they can to jump on the R/O bandwagon. Tebow will be on everybody's short list.

    If the R/O fails, Tebow will be hard pressed to find an NFL spot

  • Jesse Reed posted 2917 days ago

    Jesse Reed

    Hey, Joe. I'm sorry I'm just now getting back to you about your comment on my wall. B/R was experiencing a site-wide problem with comments a few days ago. Hopefully, you were able to comment on the Tebow post after it was fixed.

  • Joe Buckeye posted 2927 days ago

    Joe Buckeye

    "The lady doth protest too much." W.S.

  • Chubby1 posted 2927 days ago


    I have no doubt that Spurrier said that, infact I remember you posting that. However how can an old man who can't even remember the specifics 'clear' anything up? I don't 'claim' anything dear, I have the actual incident cited with source included. You calling Champ a liar? Champ unlike Spurrier remembers the incident and has held it for two decades. Why would he lie? That would be one heck of an elaborate lie by a man who doesn't have a reason too.

    The thing is, Spurrier is a busy man and Muschamp has no reason to lie about something HE remembers in great detail. I have no doubt that Champ thought they had an apt and I have no doubt that Spurrier didn't have time for it. I have my facts straight, you are just a hater.

    You choose not to believe Muschamp and I believe Champ remembers feeling looked over. You choose to wash over the fact that the man you're choosing to 'side' with doesn't remember specifics. Fact is that Champ was not a big time recruit and as a fan of Spurrier for years, this screams of the type of thing that Spurrier would or in this case wouldn't have time for. He's not the most beloved man that ever lived and he does have an air of superiority that most people detest.

    You believe a quote and I'll believe a legit story. Florida was the skirt he was chasing but the girl came off as a b*tch, happens. Do I care? Course not. But It's funny how people like you who have a special hate for someone or something (this case Florida) will say and do anything to make that someone or something look bad even when there is more evidence to the contrary. You are a Meyer pubic hair and you're butt-hurt for what you perceive as a slight by UF in regards to him.

    I'd say go swing from somebody else's nuts but you amuse me ol Joe Buck

    One thing I'm not is stupid but calling me an idiot only shows your lack of argument. It's a fun fact that the person calling the other an idiot, loser etc means they lost. Thanks. To be fair, I didn't need your charity as I've taken you everywhere we've chatted.

    Owned by a girl. Maybe next time you should call me ma'am instead of stupid? :-)

  • Joe Buckeye posted 2936 days ago

    Joe Buckeye

    @ m b - Per Spurrier himself:
    Not so fast, said Spurrier.
 “You tell Will we never had appointments for walk-ons,”

    Might want to get your facts straight, m b.

  • Chubby1 posted 2993 days ago


    Per Muschamp himself, recalled by GatorZone: Will Mushcamp showed up at a UF football office in 1991 with an appointment to meet with Spurrier. Spurrier, according to Muschamp stood him up for another commitment. Next time you decide to tell a big lie, don't expect me to let you get away with it. Muschamp THEN walked on to Georgia, but don't act like Florida wasn't the skirt he was eyeing.

  • Chubby1 posted 2994 days ago


    Go Gators :)