"I tell you what, I wanted to set a tone as a defense. WE wanted to set a tone. It's not just me, it's the defense, it's my line, it's Burgess, it's Kearse, all them boys, Trotter, we came and we brought it, EVERY DOGGONE PLAY!" - Brian Dawkins, January 23, 2005

Seven-year veteran of Bleacher Report. Former undrafted free agent. Worked up to being featured Philadelphia Eagles columnist. Current gameday writer. Love what I do here.

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  • Craig Eisele posted 2129 days ago

    Craig Eisele

    Regarding your article about how the Eagles can replace Evan Mathis' production in 2015 you may want to look at this article by: Mike Sielski, Inquirer Columnist in Philadelphia.


    AS an Eagles fan for over 60 years this made the pain of yesterdays events less traumatizing.

    KEY EXCERPT (appearing at the bottom of the article:

    " Mathis played in nine games: the season opener, when Nick Foles was the starting quarterback, and the eight games that Mark Sanchez started. Over the seven games that Mathis missed, the Eagles averaged 122 rushing yards a game. Over the nine games he played, they averaged 127. The difference was negligible.

    It wasn’t when it came to protecting Foles or Sanchez. Foles threw 311 passes last season, Sanchez 309. But Foles, who started seven games without Mathis, was sacked on just 2.8 percent of his pass attempts. Sanchez, who didn’t start a game without Mathis, was sacked 6.9 percent of the time. That’s 21/2 times more frequently than Foles.

    You can say that disparity was based largely on Sanchez’s tendency to hold the ball, or Foles’ to get rid of it. What you can’t say is that Mathis made the Eagles’ pass protection, or their run-blocking, significantly better last season. Chip Kelly definitely wouldn’t, and as everyone learned again Thursday, his is the only opinion that counts."

    Quote from column by: Mike Sielski, Inquirer Columnist in Philadelphia

  • Robert Bootie Jr posted 2629 days ago

    Robert Bootie Jr


    Let me start off by saying that I am a huge Eagles fan. What I am suggesting will most likely receive plenty of negative feedback but then again it is only my opinion. I am getting tired of hearing about DeSean always wanting a new contract every 2-3 years, especially after he has a pretty good year stats wise. I think the Eagles should trade him for draft picks, bring back Cooper and Maclin if he is healthy. If they go this route, im not sure where he is expected to go in the draft but I think drafting Allen Robinson from PSU would be a great pick.


  • Fly Eagles__7 posted 2865 days ago

    Fly Eagles__7

    You gained a Fan with your last article! After reading Brad Gagnon I truly appreciate you and Bryn ALOT more keep up the good work dude!

  • Poly Woggggg posted 2951 days ago

    Poly Woggggg


    You're doing a great job with your articles. I'm pretty sporadic with how I visit this site. Every so often I return to chop it up on Eagles articles, and every time I come on I have no idea how to locate my information. So, I always have to start a new profile. I probably have like 4 of them by now. But I just wanted to drop a line and say that since I've been returning to the site every couple of years your articles are better and better. Keep 'em rolling in, and I'll keep reading n' commenting!!

    Joe Jensen

  • Chris posted 2962 days ago


    I would be interested in reading an article about the 3-4 OLB in this draft. Specifically Dion Jordan, Ezekiel Ansah, Barkevious Mingo, and Margust Hunt. This position is going to be a major focus of Chip's in the draft (imo). All 4 of these players have a lot of "potential", but not a proven track record. When it comes to picking at the 4th, or even the top 10 in the draft, "potential" is not what I want to hear. I would be interested in the pros vs cons, your opinions, and what each player has done in the collegiate level. Thanks!

  • Samir posted 2986 days ago


    Just wnanted to say that the mock draft you wrote was amazing. Best I've seen in a long time. Great job

  • David Gottwald posted 3133 days ago

    David Gottwald

    Not exactly sure why you have Andy Reid listed as one of your favorite coachs after that article you wrote to fire him after 1 week.

  • Truth Will Be Revealed posted 3137 days ago

    Truth Will Be Revealed

    Yo Cody,

    I get that if some critics or other commenters attack you on a personal level you can say whatever you want, but attacking other people making their own respectful arguement and making childish and sarcastic comments is just stupid. Stop doing that, it's not doing you any sort of good, you just lose respect as a writer. Seriously go back to the 50 predictions article, your treating grown men like children, it's annoying. Just defend your article and maybe take in a thing or two from what they're saying into consideration, that's all.

  • Guy Incognito posted 3193 days ago

    Guy Incognito

    I read that article you posted a link to (http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1217274-the-40-recently-retired-mlb-players-with-the-best-chance-for-the-hall-of-fame).
    Thank you for that, it's surprising how quickly the stars of yesterday slip through our mind. It takes me back.

  • Manav Khandelwal posted 3221 days ago

    Manav Khandelwal

    Hey Cody I like your stuff as an Eagles FC and hope to become one as well! Keep it up.