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Jake Martin is a compulsive sports enthusiast. More specifically, he's an MMA nerd and college football addict. Basically, nothing else matters. Except, you know, other important things like God, family, girlfriend, friends, food (definitely food) and what have you. Fresh out of college, Jake is a contributor to Dandy Don and The Sun Herald, covering LSU sports. He's written for multiple publications and interviewed a who's who of athletes. He's also somewhat full of himself.

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  • chilibean posted 2784 days ago


    you're a good sport jake..i've lived in louisiana a long time and how do you do that without developing at least a passing affection for lsu football..i watch every game..

    you really seem to get the point of it all.. :)

  • Jordon Lewis posted 2877 days ago

    Jordon Lewis

    Hey bud, thanks for writing so well for LSU! Its always refreshing to see a columnist who isn't absolutely tanking on us week after week. Another great place to talk about your articles and sports in general is fancred. Look it up. Best concentrated sports conversations you can find.

  • Barry Vining posted 2900 days ago

    Barry Vining

    I think you just have him his nickname. Robocop at defensive end, I like it.

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    Default-user-icon-comment just now Contributor I
    We LOVE you Jake, help make it stick? Pass it on... Blame this nickname on Lamin Barrow..!

    [Danielle Hunter = Robocop..!]

    "Other intriguing position battles taking place are Dickson and Smith at tight end, Jerald Hawkins and Vadal Alexander at right tackle, Tre'Davious White and Rickey Jefferson for roles in the defensive backfield and Lewis Neal and Danielle Hunter at defensive end. Barrow marvels at Hunter's physique."

    “That guy is built like a robot,” Barrow says. “Veins are popping everywhere.”

  • Mista Amazing posted 2972 days ago

    Mista Amazing

    LSU is playing us Between the Hedges!! I think LSU will go 10-2 next season.

  • Mista Amazing posted 2973 days ago

    Mista Amazing

    Hey, how many wins do you think UGA will have?

  • Bob Hope posted 2988 days ago

    Bob Hope

    Don't tease me bro!

  • Bob Hope posted 2989 days ago

    Bob Hope

    You don't write enough hocket articles. BTW.

  • Dylan Waldrip posted 2992 days ago

    Dylan Waldrip

    You were the one saying Cam Newton only played one year of SEC football which is false, since he was the back up at Florida

  • Dylan Waldrip posted 2992 days ago

    Dylan Waldrip

    Cam Newton didn't play in the SEC for one year either, in case you forgot. He was at Florida and I would still not count him as a top 10 SEC quarterback overall

  • Dylan Waldrip posted 2992 days ago

    Dylan Waldrip

    Putting Manziel in the Top 10 SEC Quarterbacks of all time and he has only played one season...? And potting Tebow over the great SEC quarterbacks such as Archie Manning, Joe "Willie" Namath, and others is a joke