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Okay so obviously you are checking out my profile for a reason. Which is probably the fact that I have given you a smart @ss comment or corrected your poor grammar skills when you attempted to be a smart @ss while insulting someone. Yes, it's in poor taste, but really, did you think you were cool insulting someone with such horrible grammar? *Facepalm*
So really, what did you expect to find out on my profile after you silently asked yourself, "who is this person?" and then proceeded to, "check out their profile page," so you can find some dirt to throw back in my face? LOL Don't kid yourselves. Going to check out someone's profile will bring you absolutely nothing. I don't show my age, weight, height. I never reveal where in the world I am. And funny thing is, that profile photo, yeah, it isn't me. It's actually the Great Mae Young.
So now that you've wasted your time coming here to find some kind of dirt you'd like to *retort* back to me, and failed, how about you leave a whopper of a comment on my profile page? Remember, keep it as dirty as possible because everyone else on Bleacher Report will see it..........
"Make it so."
"You can wish in one hand and crap in the other. Guess which one gets filled first."
BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Someone made a cartoon of EXACTLY what I was talking about with AJ Lee, CM Punk and Lita. So my comment wasn't 'stupid.' If everyone else see's it and makes a cartoon, it's not stupid, it's *FUNNY!!* And if you ever had a sense of humor you've probably been hit so many times with it, it rendered you unfunny. B!ATCH!
Things I have Learned While on B/R:
1. People treat you differently when you change your name. You can find out who your true "fans" are when your name isn't the one they are used to.
2. Chinmay, Iam D Real Deal yo, Jacob Waring, Buzz M., Renee Gerber, RiZE, Mariah Hewitt and Ryan L will always be the best people I know!
3. People get away with a lot of crap. Especially making multiple accounts to harass you. Even when they've been reported by the community, the B/R community does nothing about it. So, go ahead, multiply!
4. The so called "Queen(s) of B/R" have nothing, but a so called title. I can guarantee you half of them only started watching in the last 10 years and their favorite Diva is AJ Lee.
5. Big Nasty is, big nasty.
6. Sharon Glencross gets more heat than John Cena. She is pretty much the equivalent of Cena for B/R. And she deals with it the same way he does.
7. If you stand up against bullying, especially bullying towards Sharon Glencross, the bullies question if you're a "fan" of hers, or Sharon herself.
8. People who judge other people's comments or opinions by calling them "stupid," are closed minded @$$h0l3s. Yes, I went there.
9. People who "resolve" arguments by lowering themselves to racist comments are not worthy of being a "fan" of. Actually, they shouldn't even be on this site.
10. People who enlist their "B/R friends" for help with an argument are weak.
11. There are these 2 girls running around B/R that are acting like Mean Girls. One is the typical Regina King, who believes she is the 'best' amongst anyone. A guy on B/R gives her a compliment and it goes straight to her ego. Then there's her bestie who happens to tag along with her. She can be seen hiding behind her throwing out random insults. So sad.
12. There's a guy on B/R that has a "thing" for Sharon Glencross. Always commenting on her articles and accuses other people of doing so. (His comments are usually insulting her, or other people who have commented on her articles) When he does this, he then claims anyone (usually they guy he's arguing with) is "always" commenting on her articles is actually Sharon herself with another account. Funny, he has THREE accounts and is always on Sharon's articles. Coincidence? Or Hypocrite?
13. There will always be a rat on B/R. You know, that one person who is like a messenger, telling people this person said this about you all the while telling that other person the same thing. Kind of like, "Hey Mr. B, Miss C is talking smack about you!" and then the next moment, "Hey Miss C, Mr. B is talking smack about you!" These are the type of people who start arguments/fights and sit back and watch. Grab your popcorn!
14. If you think any of these observations are about you, then you obviously have a guilty conscience. On the other hand, if you think of a particular person while reading about this, it speaks volumes about that person you're thinking about.
15. People really need to be aware of who your "friends" are and those who will do anything to "be your friend."
16. There is a minimal amount of Women's Wrestling articles. Just like the WWE, there are a minimal amount of women's wrestling matches.
17. If you don't know who Hulk Hogan is, you've obviously been living under a rock.
18. Most Lita fans think Trish Stratus is overrated. Most Trish Stratus fans think Lita is overrated.
19. While going through the comments on an article that deals with any woman wrestler, the men never comment on the topic, but go there "for the photos," and make some fantasizing comment about having coitus with their favorite woman wrestler.
20. After you've sifted through the coitus related comments on an article about a woman wrestler, the guys then talk about the male wrestlers and fantasize about Undertaker's return date.
21. If you're a good writer, people hate you.
22. If you're a bad writer, people hate you.
23. People will hate this list. Probably because they think it's all about them.
24. People still do not use words properly. A WAIST is part of your body. A WASTE is unwanted material. YOUR is a possessive adjective, indicating ownership of something, YOU'RE is a contraction meaning YOU ARE.
25. If you're a female and on B/R, most guys will not take you seriously.
26. If guys don't take B/R/ girls seriously, then girls should refrain from putting any "hot" wrestler as their avatar/profile photo. (just sayin')
27. Most cliques stick together, that is until they lynch mob someone out. The outcast is usually never heard from again while the clique parties it up on each others profile.
28. If you're by yourself, not a member of a clique and don't have people to "help gang up," on others in a discussion, then most people will deem you as a "loser." The reality is, you're winning more than they are.
29. There are about as many John Cena haters here as there are AJ Lee supporters.
30. Most people who believe AJ Lee is the "savior" of the women's division don't know much about women's wrestling or only started to read about it in the last 5 years.
31. Most people agree, the Bella Twins, suck.
32. A lot of people are crying that CM Punk "dropped his ball." Chin up, it was inevitable and talks about it go back to pre-pipebomb. Oh yeah, about that.............
33. Most people say Vickie Guerrero is not a wrestler. Funny, that's the same thing Linda McMahon says about the entire female roster.
34. People go looking for a fight or argument on purpose. It's their idea of "fun."
35. People come to read my profile but never engage me in conversation. Is that stalking?
36. People who say they will leave you alone, lie.
37. People who say they "don't care" what you do or say, care an awful lot when they "discuss" what you do with their other B/R friends.
38. People bash or talk about others with their B/R friends on each others pages. Like they don't know their "topic" doesn't look or observe them doing that. Amusing.
39. When people do #38, they often talk in "private" so the real "juicy" hate-filled crap is always confined but it's not because they want to keep it hidden, it's because they are cowards.
40. When people don't want to believe the truth about themselves, they usually deflect it towards other people. Most times, the truth is a hard pill to swallow, but instead, they choke on it, spit it out and hand it off to someone else.
41. Number 40 pretty much means, no one takes responsibility for their own actions, or words.
42. If you're accused of being a bully, you might want to check out previous comments made by you. If they are filled with insults, then yes, you are a bully.
43. If you accuse people of being a bully, you'd better have the proof to back up such a claim. And if your previous comments towards people have more insults in them than the person you are accusing, then yes, you really are a bully.
44. I started this list because I saw other people have them. Odd, they don't seem to get as much flack as I do. Even more odd, there are no names on my list. o^O
45. Bitch, bitch and more bitch. People like to do that. Take it for what it is.
46. People have superiority complexes.
47. Troublemakers always take pride in their work.
48. People love to twist things in their favor.
49. People never admit that they are wrong.
50. Two Broke Girls. I love that show.
51. People are destructive. They ruin a lot of good things.
52. If people hate you enough, they will believe the lies more than the truth.
53. Some people have a selfish sense of entitlement.
54. Some people believe their own bullshit.
55. The elephants are rampaging.
56. People still believe that Alundra Blayze (Madusa/Debra Miceli) will NEVER get into the Hall of Fame because of the championship belt trashing incident. Do these people even go to
57. A lot of people hate the fact that Batista is back. I agree.
58. Everyone believes their favorite wrestler is "the greatest evurrrr."
59. What's that behind you?
60. Vince McMahon will always be the higher power.
61. "(Some people) do nothing more than belittle and degrade someone with whom they have a beef." (that's actually a quote from someone's article who no longer writes here)
62. On the playground, when people "jump in" and the odds are stacked against you, just remember that one voice is stronger than 5.
63. Bullshit, bullshit, and more bullshit.
64. Actually, the only names that WERE on my list were people who are no longer here, amazing people!
Thanks for viewing my profile. Hope you're entertained.
Everybody isn't your friend.
Just because they hang around you
doesn't mean they're there for you.
Just because they say they got your back,
doesn't mean they won't stab you in it.
People pretend well.
Jealousy sometimes doesn't live far.
So KNOW your circle.
At the end of the day,
so pay attention.
A few things someone suggested right here on B/R:
(in no particular order)
1. Think before you write disparaging things about someone.
2. Try to understand the other person's point of view.
3. It's amazing what you can do if you just TALK to people before you blast them.
4. There's a reason that you can send private messages to people.
5. Handle your beef in private.

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  • Mrs Black posted 2213 days ago

    Mrs Black

    Well it is always a pleasure to see you. XD Rational people are hard to come by these day round this place:)

  • Nattie Haert posted 2213 days ago

    Nattie Haert

    Was MIA for a while.

  • Mrs Black posted 2227 days ago

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    Nattie!!!! Where are you?

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    Are you still on here Nattie?

  • Lil Ray-Ray Jr. posted 2229 days ago

    Lil Ray-Ray Jr.

    Nice bio you have there! I had fun reading it. Very insightful.

  • DG Skilla posted 2260 days ago

    DG Skilla

    '' There are about as many John Cena haters here as there are AJ Lee supporters.''

    Sharon Glencross gets more heat than John Cena. She is pretty much the equivalent of Cena for B/R. And she deals with it the same way he does. ''
    Maybe... she is John Cena. I think Sharon gets crapped on... particularly for the TMZ ( gossip ) style of reporting.
    ''Most Lita fans think Trish Stratus is overrated. Most Trish Stratus fans think Lita is overrated. ''
    I usually don't cross across these word exchanges. They like BOTH actually. Perhaps, if it's a beauty contest. NOW, the gloves come off.
    ''Vince McMahon will always be the higher power. ''
    Vince Mcmahon: '' IT'S ME AUSTIN!!!'' LOL XD!

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    I had an awesome weekend my friend.. a Valentine's weekend...

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    Who did you observe do number 11 lol?

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