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love to read, play videogames, eat and sleep, watch TV and Movies

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  • BieberCENAfever 1 posted 3309 days ago

    BieberCENAfever  1

    Hey fat stick,

    I'm not 18 either I just said that so I wouldnt have to get parents permission to debate non pussy getting little dick imposters like you. You're a fucking coward pussy that probably gets laughed at and beat up "off line" so you take out your frustrations in life on people like me that have different opinions than you. You have what I call missplaced testosterone. You don't workout, play sports or get pussy so you take out your test levels on people online. What a fucking joke you are. You're probably over weight too hahhaha. At least I'm not ashamed of who I am. I love laughing at little dick imposters like you.

    Little Dick Imposter- Men who try to act like hard asses but aren't. Ex men who bully online, men who are fat and say its "mass." Men who claim to have hooked up with many women but are just virgins.

    You're a little dick imposter hahahahahahahahahahahah

    You're insults just FAILED!!!!!!!! FUck off loser.

  • Joe Schmo posted 3363 days ago

    Joe Schmo

    Why didn't you just write those things in the comments section of the article. That's what it's there for, you know?