Zach D

Zach D


I find a great amount of satisfaction with athletics. I call it athletics because I think that the term sport takes away from the original idea of athleticism and competition. Sport is a revenue based idea whereas my belief system enjoys the purity of what amateurism has to offer. I am not saying that these stars, owners, and coaches should not get paid; I just think that the sole purpose of 'sport' should not revolve around revenues and incomes.

I went to Texas Tech University and graduated with my B.S. and M.S. in seven years. I won't say that I remember a lot about those years, but I did graduate and was able to keep a pretty active social life. I currently live in Houston, Texas, and work for a professional sports' team within the marketing and sales department. I have been doing this gig for the past 3 years. I don't agree with a lot of aspects of professional sports as I have already mentioned, but I am gaining valuable experience that will allow me more opportunities in the future.

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