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  • Johnny posted 2993 days ago


    your **** bull? hows that feel?

  • Wayne Smith posted 3037 days ago

    Wayne  Smith

    Not sure you got my reply to your ridiculous post (actually it was a ridiculous lie) since you never answered, so I thought I'd bring it to your Bulletin Board.

    You said: "by the way... Tyrann mathieu was a two star prospect and he turned down alabama. THe star system is flawed and everyone knows it too"

    My answer was: "Tyrann Mathieu was a Rivals four star, 13th ranked DB in the Nation, 191st player ranked nationally, and was never offered by Alabama. The only other SEC team to offer was Tennessee. Lying is never a good argument, especially these days when fact checking is so easy."

    We good now?

  • Jack Soule posted 3203 days ago

    Jack Soule

    Yeah. I agree with your points of Semin and Green. Semin I think may be gone after this year regardless. Kuznetsov is his replacement and with the RFAs they will need to resign next year, there won't be enough room under the cap for Semin. Green I think they would probably like to hold onto but it does depend on his health and performance. This is a big deciding year for him. Sorry for the lack of articles. I was on vacation then spent the last week moving into a new apartment. Should roll out a couple more in the next week or so.

  • Jack Soule posted 3204 days ago

    Jack Soule

    Yeah our lineup looks sick for next year. I mean Iginla playing with Ovie would be disgusting but even entering the season with what we have we've got:


    A few things could be switched up but just imagine: we'd have two top-three caliber lines and the best shutdown line in the league. Brouwer, Halpern and Ward are all hard hitters and great at cycling the puck and forechecking. I would not want to play against that line.

    It's gunna be a great season.

  • Jack Soule posted 3205 days ago

    Jack Soule

    Yeah, trading/waiving Beagle and King gets rid of some salary and Poti should also start the season on LTIR—I forgot about that. Those lines look pretty good too. My inclination would be to keep Laich on the wing but there's always that option of putting him at center. And I wonder if Semin could do better on the left side since that's his natural position.

  • Jack Soule posted 3206 days ago

    Jack Soule

    That's actually a fair idea for a trade I think. You should be a GM! The only problem is Iginla's $7 million contract. Knuble would also have to be dropped but I think Schultz, Perreault and draft picks would be fair and it would probably be really beneficial to Calgary, like you said. I'm always an advocate of trades that send away players who aren't getting a chance to thrive in our organization. Like seeing Fleischmann do well in Colorado before his blood cot problem was really nice. Perreault could do well in another organization that doesn't have so many prospects at center. Schultz is definitely disposable and he's been the subject of a fair number of trade rumors this summer. Schultz would only take $2.7 million of the books though and we'd still need to get rid of over $4 million in salary to fit a guy like Iginla.

  • Jack Soule posted 3208 days ago

    Jack Soule

    Hey bud,

    If we could afford his contract it'd be really interesting to see him play with Ovie. To get him, though, first Knuble would have to retire to make room on the right wing and then I'd say him for Semin would be fair. If Calgary didn't want Semin though, we'd have to give up one of the other star players or a number of quality players and draft picks. Maybe a a top prospects like Eakin or Kuznetsov and a draft pick. What do you think?