DG Skilla

DG Skilla


I see myself as a deep thinker, straight up honest and outspoken. Yes, I'm a sports
addict digging b-ball, football, tennis, soccer occasionally and MMA. Unfortunately,
the same cannot be said regarding golf, hockey, horse racing and rugby tho. Sure,
back in early 90s/ mid 00s, Nascar kept me locked at times. The rule changes and
chase format ruined the experiences. Playoff meetings, the World Series and even
home run derbies are acceptable 2 me. But... I still consider baseball an old fashion
sport... I rather play it than watch. Plus, I gotta love-hate relationship with pro
wrestling. Boxing is pretty much dead to me. Like it or not, MMA is the future.
Opinion wise, following sports entertaining events ( live ) is very promising and
electric. So I expect every single game to be off da chain. Also, I appreciate the
athletes ( even some I can't stand ) busting their asses 2 perfection and ultimate
glory. Yeah, it's damn near impracticable for me 2 gloss over true athletic ability,
ferocity, charisma, rough competition in any division and true greatness. Me? I'm
just a regular working guy sunk deep into legit competitiveness and speak what
I think is factual.

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  • Ashley Jensen posted 1092 days ago

    Ashley Jensen

    I am barely here... thanks for letting me know.

  • Wya man? You were my favorite person to talk to broo

  • Dan Riaz posted 1247 days ago

    Dan Riaz

    Nice picture

  • bruce wayne posted 1288 days ago

    bruce wayne

    haha missed me ?

  • bruce wayne posted 1292 days ago

    bruce wayne


  • Bobbi posted 1318 days ago


    CUBS WIN - Advance to 1st world Series since 1945!!!

  • What's good my G. Lob your email or some so we can stay in touch.

  • Mr Skull posted 1355 days ago

    Mr Skull

    Donny boy!

  • Doctor Cube posted 1365 days ago

    Doctor Cube

    I can't blame you for not watching WWE anymore, apart from a few pure shock value surprises, it's been ranging from mediocre to awful for quite some time. I think I would have quit at around the same time as you, if that weren't at the same time that they started bringing more and more indy guys I like. I actually took a three months break off WWE, but came back for the draft. I probably still would be on break had the draft not happen. I'm considering quitting Raw again, but Smackdown has been pretty good these past few weeks.

  • Lil Ray-Ray Jr. posted 1367 days ago

    Lil Ray-Ray Jr.