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  • Agnieszka Telenga posted 1560 days ago

    Agnieszka Telenga

    Hi Katie! I saw you posted "Gym Wildlife" video! Makers of it, Buff Dudes made another great one called "7 styles of Fitness" Check it out! <3

  • John Smart posted 1746 days ago

    John Smart

    Fix the headline - it says "bling" long snapper.

  • Jeffery Roy posted 1752 days ago

    Jeffery Roy

    As per my comment on your Doris Burke piece, when did "handle" become "handles?" I haven't followed basketball much for the last 20+ years, but at some point the plural form became universal. Do you have any idea when?

  • Jack Huesman posted 1846 days ago

    Jack Huesman

    How does one get to be a "featured columnist" at any media outlet when you don't know the difference between "Ronda Rousey Will Wear Body Paint Only in 2016 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue" (which makes very little sense and really limits Ms. Rousey's future photo shoots) and "Ronda Rousey Will Wear Only Body Paint in 2016 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue" which makes perfect sense and is actually what you meant?

  • Andre Drummond posted 1859 days ago

    Andre Drummond

    why do you always close the comment section you hor

  • Ezra posted 2011 days ago


    Why do you always close the comment section?

  • Matthew Pachikara posted 2051 days ago

    Matthew Pachikara

    Katie, do you REALLY think Klay was making a jab at Lebron's I'm the best player in the world comment? Honestly, I want to know. Because this looks like you're just trying to make news out of nothing. Is it not possible that he just wanted to give credit to his teammate? After all, they did just go through a grueling 2 months of playoff basketball (no easy task) to win the championship.

  • Riley posted 2063 days ago


    no one cares about Riley Curry