David M. Levin is a former editor of the Star and Enterprise in Marion, South Carolina and Publications Coordinator for the Savannah Morning News. He has spent the past twenty years in the newspaper industry in writing, advertising, marketing and multi-media. He currently lives in Florida as a free-lance writer and is owner of B & T Media Solutions.
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  • Tim Jackmon posted 1884 days ago

    Tim Jackmon

    I clicked on your '5 Questions That Need to Be Answered on RAW' article thinking I was going to read an opinion article previewing tonight's Raw. Instead, the first thing I to hit me was a potential spoiler for the Night of Champions PPV near the top of the article. If you're going to include such information, you really should either include "(Potential Spoiler)" in the article's title, or write "SPOILER ALERT" a couple lines above the referenced news. Many readers, myself included, enjoy watching the shows play out without being spoiled, but we also like to read opinion pieces like the one you wrote, and it's very disappointing thinking we're reading one's opinion, only to be innocently spoiled rather quickly.

    I hope you don't take this comment as a bashing, I'm not saying anything negative about your writing or your opinions. I hope you take this suggestion, it would make many people a lot happier. Anyways, that's all I've got to say. Cheers!

  • Nour Sedki posted 1936 days ago

    Nour Sedki

    Hi mate. Just need you to do me a favor here. When WWE described Jeff Hardy as "one of the most popular WWE Champions in history" in their bio of him on his Alumni page, did they mean he was one of the most popular guys when he WWE Champion, or just one of the most popular guys overall? And what does 'WWE Champions' mean here; a WWE Champion (like John Cena is now) or any Champion in WWE (i.e IC or US or tag-team). Thanks in advance, David!

  • Flo posted 1943 days ago


    Am I the only one who feels that the MITB match for the WHC might be the match to see. If you read the comments and see the majority of the people in the match are deserving and overdue for a push, then it makes it interesting. I'm actually surprised because in a way creative is satisfying both the IWC and casual fans. You get your big name and major draws in one, and you have your under dogs, and not as popular picks in the second. IMO I am looking forward to the WHC ladder match just a little bit more than the WWE ladder match. The WHC ladder match is a win, win to me. Just a thought.

  • The Bottom Line posted 1948 days ago

    The Bottom Line

    HI David, Do you think that the WWE will ever bring titles for 6 man tag matches/ With 3MB , The Shield and Wyatt Family all there?

  • HEELS of Wrestling posted 1977 days ago

    HEELS of Wrestling

    So you're from SC also? The crowd in Greenville for the Raw right after the NJ Super Crowd really did us justice didn't it

  • SMG posted 1980 days ago


    Thanks for the fan add David! Enjoy one back!

  • Joseph Baldino posted 1983 days ago

    Joseph Baldino

    Summerslam is in Los Angeles. Money in the Bank is where Punk won the title that was in Chicago.

  • Dan Riaz posted 1989 days ago

    Dan Riaz


  • Arielle Parkison posted 1998 days ago

    Arielle Parkison

    Thanks for the fan add. =3 <3

  • Bruce Horovitz posted 2085 days ago

    Bruce Horovitz

    Hi David;
    Thanks for the fan add. New to BR and just learning the ropes. Like your wrestling stuff. Sorry I missed Smackdown in Jax tonight.