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I write about the Philadelphia Eagles, as well as current and historical NFL stuff. I love a good quarterbacks debate. Also a major MLB history fan and an avid Phillies fan.

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  • Rick Effinger posted 2089 days ago

    Rick Effinger

    So let me get this straight, since Jerry Rice had Joe Montana and vice versa, they should not be Hall of Famers either because each had exceptional talent around them to succeed?! You are an idiot!!! Your claim to not calling Kurt Warner a Hall of Famer is that he had TOO MUCH talent around him. Are you nuts!!!!?????? He was a bag boy at a grocery store and played in the arena football league. And becomes the starting QB after an injury to Trent Green. And what does he do with that opportunity??? The FREAKING SUPER BOWL!!! How stupid do you have to be?? Best statistical QB in Super Bowl history and both Super Bowl loses he gave his team the lead with 2 min left and his putrid defenses couldn't hold the lead. Kurt Warner is what the Hall of Fame is all about. Its the Hall of FAME!!! FAME, as is doing something no other player has done from the grocery cart to Super Bowl champion in a single year. Then goes to 2 more and is MVP twice. You are a dope and should be ashamed of yourself for that pathetic 2009 article. I will write back when he is inducted next year!!!.

  • Tony Macon posted 2412 days ago

    Tony Macon

    In response to your Jerry Rice vs Don Hutson; No doubt that Don Hutson was the best WR of his era, but not the greatest of all time.

    Let's be honest Hutson played with two All Decade QB's (ARNIE HERBER and CECIL ISBELL) in the 30's and 40's. So they were not not just good QB's they were great for their era.

    Bottom line is this, if Rice played during Hutson's era, he would have dominated no matter the QB. If Hutson played in Rice's era with Montana, Young, Garcia, Elway and Marino; you wouldn't have never heard of Hutson!

    Rice's game translates to all eras; Hudson's not so much!

  • Ahmd AbdAllah posted 2584 days ago

    Ahmd AbdAllah


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  • Bryon Neufeld posted 2601 days ago

    Bryon Neufeld

    Two quarterbacks have the following career postseason statistics (prior to this season). One you ranked 4th on your list of all time greats, the other you ranked 'about 40th'. Can you tell me which is which? Perhaps it's the one with the higher career rating?

    You yourself concede that you can't base on win/loss record, but rather on how the quarterbacks play, right? I mean, a quarterback doesn't play defense or coach the team.

    %63.2 Yds/Att 7.5 TD 32 INT 21 Rating 88
    %62.1 Yds/Att 6.7 TD 42 INT 22 Rating 87

    Well, the one with the higher rating is Manning, and the lower rating is Brady.

    You sir, must be a moron.

  • SteelersAndPinkFloydDiva posted 2634 days ago



  • Shujaa Sundiata posted 2680 days ago

    Shujaa Sundiata

    your last eagles article can you please explain why the eagles should just tank this season to find out how their franchise qb is , when the nfc east is so weak and we have a shot at the play off, i don't get your logic

  • Maya John posted 2747 days ago

    Maya John

    Hi, Bryn Swartz for you

  • Fly Eagles__7 posted 2821 days ago

    Fly Eagles__7

    Bryn, I have alot more respect for you now after reading Brad Gagnon article and finding out he creates fake accounts to defend his article. I respect you personally atand up for what you believe and I know we disagree but seriously you and Cody have my respect.

  • Poly Woggggg posted 2908 days ago

    Poly Woggggg


    Great articles! I can see the growth each year in your writing. I have to change my profile every time I come back to make comments cause I have no clue what my account info is for my several other profiles. But I just wanted to say awesome writing and keep it up! It's always nice to read articles that make me think and want to respond.

    Joe Jensen

  • arthur krulewitz posted 2925 days ago

    arthur krulewitz

    re unbreakable records; Henri Richard won 11 Cups;should be listed with Russell, Glen Hall 502 consecutive starts;never be broken, Dan Gable never lost single point entire Olympics, Eric Heiden swept all events speed skating;