A realistic, though passionate fan of the Fighting Irish. I'm only hear for the arguments...

Also, add 1,100 to the number of comments attributed to me. I'm peeved that B/R seems to have erased my previous posts?!

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  • Mista Amazing posted 2024 days ago

    Mista Amazing

    B/r didn't delete the posts they just reset the comments. Did it to everyone.

  • Amber Lee posted 2035 days ago

    Amber Lee

    Just being friendly, I suppose. No good deed goes unpunished though.

  • Amber Lee posted 2036 days ago

    Amber Lee

    Hey there ;) I just wanted to say thanks so much for fanning me on here—I really appreciate the support. Naturally, I've returned the fanning favor. I hope you'll keep in touch via b/r or, better yet, hit me up with a follow on the Twitter machine: @Blamberr. Assuming you're familiar with the Twitter machine. It took me awhile to embrace it.

  • Jason S. Parini posted 2053 days ago

    Jason S. Parini

    Hey Eric, you'll definitely find this interesting.

  • Jason S. Parini posted 2082 days ago

    Jason S. Parini


    No offense taken at all. Like I've said, you've made some great points.

    And thank you for the well-wishes. I'm nervous for the job search, it's very tough. Where did you get your degree from?

  • Y Y posted 2117 days ago

    Y Y

    Yea thanks man I am getting ready to change the name and picture on here. I'm just not sure what the point of them recreating it was. Sucks that just try and use this message board to get opinions of other IRISH fans and you have to deal with people doing this. Anyways thanks for the advice.

  • Kelly McAvoy posted 2139 days ago

    Kelly McAvoy

    LMAO The dreaded "Mister Baseball" strikes again. Nope, not him, so I can rest in peace. I'll need some of your craft beer if this goes on any longer. Thank you, Eric. Have a blessed offseason.

  • Kelly McAvoy posted 2139 days ago

    Kelly McAvoy

    Oh wow.. This is Kelly again. I fired off a letter to B/R saying if they had closed my account PLEASE read my texts in context to see I didn't start the fight. However, while the account was down and I didn't know it (It still lets you post comments they just don't post), I'd come back and see nothing posts. I got madder and madder on some articles until I just opened another account, wrote to you, and calmed down a bit. I had tried answering your previous letter 4 times and it wouldn't show. I swear.

    So, when he DID reinstate my account, I see all these angry posts attached to my name!!! O.O Please, forgive me of anything that may be offensive over the last couple of days if you run across them in your travels. I have no clue what all is out there and I'm trying to find all the articles I could have possibly posted on...I know I went after TxA&M a bit. ha ha I need a break from the emotions. Take care, Eric.

  • KD McAvoy posted 2140 days ago

    KD McAvoy

    Hey Eric.. This is Kelly. I wanted to thank you for your honorable reply. My other account isn't posting so, knowing me, I offended someone. lol But I have no hate nor animosity toward Notre Dame. I do go after some instigators sometimes, so, if you see any of my posts against Notre Dame, it was merely subjective reasoning against subjective reasoning. No offense meant to the team and I think the nation is underestimating what y'all have going for you.

    I really think the experience Golson got as a freshman to know the standard for NCG-caliber play is priceless. It isn't abstract knowledge now. It's experienced knowledge. Next year, when he makes a completion and the fans go wild, he'll say to himself "I should have thrown that tighter if I want it to be NCG-worthy" - that kind of thing. This is my dormant season for B/R, so, I merely created an account to come reply to your comment. I considered it bad taste to comment to you first after the game. I so so appreciate your first reaching me back in "the day". I really wasn't as passionate about this NCG as I would have been had I not met you. It was more like a chess match that I couldn't get too emotionally attached too. Bama could have lost and I'd have been fine with it. Strange... I guess Notre Dame changed me. It was a great season for humbling me. :D You and yours be SO blessed, Eric. And though there are so many more important things I must now pursue...Go Irish and Roll Tide ROLL!

  • Kelly McAvoy posted 2173 days ago

    Kelly McAvoy

    " Hopefully, someday Notre Dame and Alabama can meet again on the field, maybe we'll win, maybe we won't? It'll be fun either way.

    Until then, Roll Tide!"

    Your post now feels eerily prophetic ! My how time flies, hmmm? LOL Congratulations on ND''s extraordinary undefeated performance this year. I consider it wise for me to mostly stay off the boards until after our NCG game, maybe for much longer - who knows? I find it so ironic that this topic of ND keeps coming up to test me. The Lord chastises whom He Loves. I sure hope this is the case. :D

    But I had to come over here and say I have a new-found respect for the Irish because you and you alone actually took it upon yourself to try and bridge an old old chasm. I REALLY like your defense. There! :D (I must say, I actually felt sorry for one Notre Dame fan who said "Oh joy! We get to hear Kelly for 36 days now! " That was SO hilarious to me. )

    I'll give your whole fan-base a break and just read the excitement without replying, best I can or try to say something nice - at least no worse than "neutral". It appears I have some ND-fan "Followers". I wonder if their pitchforks and torches are a GOOD thing? ha ha

    I expect this game to be a record-breaker of viewers for all NCGs played which should bring tremendous revenue and publicity for both rich-in-tradition football programs. Enjoy your support base of millions who would really like to hate you but hate Bama and the SEC more. It will be fair-weathered indeed once you hoist the crystal ball. And for you, and for my conscience-sake? Good luck. Truly enjoy the moment and your victorious year, no matter the outcome of the NCG. Go Irish!