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My name is Avi and I'm a native Arkansan living in Philadelphia. My girlfriend hates when I mention Arkansas because I only lived there for two years. She thinks I'm trying to poach some southern authenticity by way of birthright.

She would rather the following:

My name is Avi and I'm a transplanted Marylander living in Philadelphia who loves his girlfriend. I'm a Philly sports lifer -- following my dad's lead -- and a sucker for sappy baseball metaphors.

When I'm not writing about sports I'm usually thinking about sports. Sometimes I play Scattergories. Sometimes I wish I had more potato chips

Hopefully you find my work here engaging, and if you don't you'll let me know.!/awolfmancometh

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  • Phil Krundle posted 2474 days ago

    Phil  Krundle

    Dude were you stoned when you composed the article about Rebagliati opening a weed dispensary? Drrrr check your spelling bro especially on the title of your article.

  • hi hi hi posted 2506 days ago

    hi hi hi

    About your article on how regular season titles can matter. You said that the winners of reg season should get auto bids, but they're already getting guaranteed bids to the NIT, which means there really doesn't need to be an enhanced rewards incentive.

  • mike frozenthal posted 2515 days ago

    mike frozenthal

    you CLEAARRRRLLLLLYYYY didn't get into duke

  • hi hi hi posted 2521 days ago

    hi hi hi

    Great articles man

  • Avram Steinberg posted 2538 days ago

    Avram Steinberg

    Hi! Same name!

  • Mr Cain posted 2556 days ago

    Mr Cain

    Hey I was just wondering if and when you will be doing a 2013 NFL Free Agents: Ranking Every Player on the Market?

  • Tyler Collison posted 2650 days ago

    Tyler Collison

    Avi – some of the coverage you've provided for us throughout the MLB playoffs has been invaluable. You drilled that home with your piece on Zito. Your talent is incredibly consistent, and I hope you never stop writing, be it for B/R or wherever your progress carries you. Be well.

  • michael hyatt posted 2723 days ago

    michael hyatt

    your article on underachieving athletes from the olympics is utterly without human value. why you took this assignment, whatever soul-assassin conceived of this paean to mediocrity and false witness, and why an allegedly educated 1st world culture would entertain this -???- with the primordial human gift of attention is far more tragic than the aspiration and endeavor to excellence of these athletes (and others) who missed their highest goal of achievement. you seem like a good guy, what was this about?

  • Greg Thomas posted 2724 days ago

    Greg Thomas

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  • Nikhil Baradwaj posted 2726 days ago

    Nikhil Baradwaj

    Thanks for the feedback and response. I definitely understand where you are coming from with your suggestions and will work to continue improving my writing.