I love boxing, although I'll admit I got into the game late. Didn't start watching until I watched the first season of the contender... which I think they should keep going.

I'm very cautious about personal information... so if you're curious... just ask.
I have a twitter, follow me if you want.... I have it mainly to follow athletes though.

50k - 16APR2012
100k- 14MAY2012


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  • wc report posted 2377 days ago

    wc report

    Sounds great. I just need your email and name so I can set up an account. You'll get an email with a temporary password, and then you should be able to login and post. Thanks a lot, looking forward to having your articles on the site.

  • wc report posted 2377 days ago

    wc report


    Thanks for the suggestion. I will add a boxing section today. By the way, would you be interested in cross-posting your articles on the site? Let me know if you would be, I can set up an account for you. Thanks.

  • King J posted 2544 days ago

    King J

    Hey Bro,
    Private Message Me Your Official Prediction Statement ASAP so we can get the Official B/R Prediction Piece out with our Tuesday massive newsletter. Thanks!

  • Briggs Seekins posted 2550 days ago

    Briggs Seekins

    Yeah, that was Zewski that KO'd his guy in the first. He had good height for a welterweight, too-at least around five-ten. He's from Quebec, so I can easily imagine him getting a nice slot on soon on one of the big fight cards that always seem to happen in Montreal.

    I totally get your point on the main event. Def people were looking to see another exciting knockout after Montiel.

  • Briggs Seekins posted 2551 days ago

    Briggs Seekins

    I thought the card was great. The only really boring fight was the Rainone fight. I was glad to get to see that guy Zewski for the first time and Mikey Garcia looked great. Sean Monaghan, too, looks pretty good, though maybe kind of short for a light heavyweight.

    I didn't hate the main event. I enjoy technical boxing, and Narvaez did try to throw some counters back early on, even landing a few. I just felt like Donaire's reach and speed advantages meant that he was able to cover back up himself and Donaire never really had an opening. I can understand why people, especially if they dropped a couple hundred bucks on tickets, are saying that they wish Narvaez had let his hands go, but there really weren't any openings. He wasn't running, he was trying to stay in range without getting knocked out so when an opening finally appeared he could get it. He just wasn't ever going to get that opening against Donaire.

    I think Donaire vs Arce and we will be back to seeing Donaire thrilling the crowds.

  • James Foley posted 2597 days ago

    James Foley

    Hey man. Yeah, as a slovenian rooting strictly on ethnic nationalism, I was a bit dissapointed in the outcome there, but mostly because the fight was really heating up and a stoppage is much more satisfying when you can identify the ending blow--in this case, I guess it was an accumulation of punches from Berto that did the job, but the gash looked like something from an elbow or a headbutt (I couldn't find any on the replay and I scoured). So I guess my thoughts are: gotta give Berto some props, he came out and fought tough in a crowd-pleasing way and rebounded from the Ortiz loss. Zaveck acquitted himself well, he was very much in the fight and finding effective ways to outbox Berto. I think Berto can move on to some higher-profile fights but I'd definitely like to see Zavs gets another shot against maybe a Mike Jones type up-and-comer welterweight.

  • Matthew Hemphill posted 2602 days ago

    Matthew Hemphill

    I agree man. Keep writing stuff that beats against the mainstream and I'll keep reading.

  • rickey jackson posted 2655 days ago

    rickey jackson

    Yea the trolls are really annoying.

  • rickey jackson posted 2655 days ago

    rickey jackson

    Pretty good writer keep up the work/

  • King J posted 2655 days ago

    King J

    Check my Community Leader Message Board I'll post a link to the live updates for Khan/Judah