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Private Game Invitations;

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A team of multi-national sportswriters, family and friends from the web's best sportswriter's fan site Our stellar coverage of Motorsports is recognized around the globe.

We cover a wide range of racing disciplines including, but not limited to, F1, Sprint Cup, Indy Car, Red Bull Air Racing, MotoGP, WRC, ALMS, Super Bike, Camping World Truck Series, DTM, et al. Come and join the fastest growing sportwriter's website on the net.

We race together on as both teammates and as rivals, just as we write together here on B/R. BATracer offers simulated competition in various skill levels, years and classes of Formula 1, Indy Car, Champ Car, Toyota MR2 Classes, Le Mans Enduro Series, V8 Supercars, BTCC Challenge, BAT Seven and many more classifications. There will be future releases of new car sets including a hotly rumored NASCAR Challenge.

Come join your clan and race with your fellow B/R writers;

Colin Nevett - Great Britain
Sheiban Shakeri - Canada
Prasenjit Das - India - B/R #2 WDC - '08 BMW Sauber - B/R #4 WCC - '08 Toyota - B/R #5 WCC '08 Toro Rosso
Ryan Wood - Great Britain - B/R #3 WCC - '08 McLaren
Daniel Chalmers - France - B/R #2 WCC - '08 Ferrari
Steve Saquella - PA - U.S.A.
Ian Kilpatrick - OK - U.S.A. - B/R #2 WCC - '08 Ferrari - B/R #6 WDC '09 Toyota
L.J. Burgess - MD - U.S.A. - B/R #6 WCC - '09 Toyota
Sammy Boyman - Slovenia
Billy Sexton - Great Britain - B/R #3 - WCC - '08 McLaren
Michael Griffin - Great Britain - B/R #6 - WCC - '09 Brawn
Adam Lewis - England
Adam Flinn - Great Britain - B/R #3 - WDC - '08 Ferrari
Sam Mounsey - Great Britain
Sam Devereaux - Great Britain
Adam Poole - Great Britain
Andrew Damico - MA - U.S.A.
Phil Mitchell - Great Britain - B/R #6 - WCC - '09 Brawn
Zander Freund - CA - U.S.A.
Duncan Shepard - NY - U.S.A.

We'll keep you updated right here on B/R Championships, clan challenges, BATracer news and driver stats in the future...and up-dated on that upcoming NASCAR car set too ;0)

We are clan 'Bleacher Report' on ...and those are our daughters.


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  • Muffakham Shaheriyar posted 3936 days ago

    Muffakham Shaheriyar

    Try this:

  • Lars Hanson posted 4021 days ago

    Lars Hanson My view of David Beckham and Landon Donovan. Talking about the lack of brains Donovan has. Check it out

  • Dean Stewart posted 4057 days ago

    Dean  Stewart

    The idea sound's good i love racing i have been to f1,indy and nascar races. Racing is my favorite sport.

  • MCM Traynor posted 4084 days ago

    MCM Traynor

    Please check out my newest article - a guide to researching and referencing your articles in a professional manner. This is a must-read for all B/R contributors:

    Comments/additions etc much appreciated.


  • Tony Castaneira posted 4149 days ago

    Tony Castaneira

    IRC: Rally Internacional De Curitiba Brings Changes To Rally

  • Kelly Crandall posted 4152 days ago

    Kelly Crandall

  • Tony Castaneira posted 4157 days ago

    Tony Castaneira

    More info on the other American F1 team.

  • Tony Castaneira posted 4161 days ago

    Tony Castaneira

    Thanks for the pick

  • Prasenjit Das posted 4162 days ago

    Prasenjit Das

    Hey I saw you have cancelled Payne's invitation to the clan, and now he is unable to join #5.... we cannot let a championship winner sit out ...can we?

  • Tony Castaneira posted 4164 days ago

    Tony Castaneira

    Rally America Round 2 preview