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Thomas Moreland


Thomas Michael Moreland. NFL Football expert handicapper. Active in golf, tennis, basketball, bowling and wholesale large amounts of fishing tackle to dealers around the world. is my website

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  • Tom fletcher posted 3893 days ago

    Tom fletcher

    Your drinking to much 49er juice! .Your comment about the saints shows you know nothing about the NFC South.These teams split every year plus carolina plays the best defense of all teams in the south.There built to play the saint look at the history of these teams before you make a dumb comment like that To say thats a easy win means you dont know squat about the division plus given 49er a win against the saints is a joke! Theyll kill the 49ers but not Carolina son! 49er are up and coming but your comment is down in the running of NFL journalism.

  • Jeff D Gorman posted 3895 days ago

    Jeff D Gorman

    Thanks for signing up as a fan!

  • Eric Axley posted 3898 days ago

    Eric  Axley


  • Count Commish posted 3903 days ago

    Count Commish

    Thomas, Waking up to this prediction about the flying rats makes me ill. I think a wager is in order; I say the Ravens are no better than 1-1 against the Steelers and probably are 0-2. If the Ravens want to see what more than one Super Bowl looks like perhaps they can get a peek when they visit Heinz Field. Count Commish

  • James Williamson posted 3930 days ago

    James Williamson

    This is more than basketball, this is about sports in general. I politely ask for your attention here for a few minutes.

  • Pat Boots posted 3939 days ago

    Pat Boots

    Have to say that I 'fanned' you mainly because you're a bowler.
    I got 11 in a row, for the first time, three years ago, but was "just happy to be there" on the last shot, and got a 297.
    Then, last year, having determined that the next time I would finish the job, I got back there again, and did!

  • James Williamson posted 3965 days ago

    James Williamson

    BTW, Tom, the girl in my profile pic is a very close friend of mine. One that I hope to call something closer one day in the future possibly.

  • James Williamson posted 3965 days ago

    James Williamson

    Is there a person in the NFL that you can't help but despise? Maybe they are on this list? Check it out.

  • Kathryn Salotti posted 3969 days ago

    Kathryn Salotti

    I finally got reconnected!! I have copied all of your articles up to when I wasn't able to log on --- do you want me to keep them for you or do you already have copies? Love Mom