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Mike Hoag is B/R's Cleveland Browns Gameday Correspondent, a member of the Pro Football Writers of America and the managing editor of

Contact him via Twitter @MikeHoagJr

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  • M Cha posted 2606 days ago

    M Cha

    Mike, where were your NFL predictions for last week?
    I've been impressed so far.

  • John Baptist posted 2623 days ago

    John Baptist

    You do know Cleveland is playing for the most part their all their back-ups on Offense on Sunday against the Viking, So i have no clue how you could choose the Browns to win, other then you being a Browns Homer. So please tell me why you think the Browns will win this game? Also you forgot to mention the Gophers and San Jose State game is on ESPN in your Viewers guide. You are aware that Fales is on of the most accurate QB in the nation right? and gophers had one of the best Pass D's in the Nation last year and this year right? so how would that not be a game people would want to see?

  • Stephen Todres posted 2728 days ago

    Stephen Todres

    I see where you're coming from, Mike. But because ABC and ESPN are the same entity, and sports broadcasts on ABC are (somewhat idiotically) referred to as "ESPN on ABC," I just thought it read a little more smoothly to say "ESPN's Jalen Rose." On his website, Rose refers to himself as an ESPN/ABC analyst, so that's what I've decided to change it to.

  • Ryan Desmarais posted 2742 days ago

    Ryan Desmarais

    No problem, Mike. I actually realized after I finished editing your piece that you had embedded the tweet anyway, so it wasn't a huge deal. Thanks for the hard work, though!

  • Christopher Jasmin posted 2833 days ago

    Christopher Jasmin

    Good eye, Mike. I made the change back. I was actually battling whether or not your use of "tipoff" was a verb (i.e. prior to tipping off), but on second glance, you're right. It's prior to the "tipoff." Cheers.

  • Nick Konig posted 2845 days ago

    Nick  Konig

    That was a real nice call on Vanderdoes going to bama want to give it another shot?

  • Alex Wentzell posted 2845 days ago

    Alex Wentzell

    I clicked on your West Minister Dog show piece and I actually truly enjoyed it. Great work.

  • Jason Dunbar posted 2845 days ago

    Jason Dunbar

    Hi Mike, not sure if someone else took care of it (or if you put them back in yourself), but the videos are back in there now.

  • Stuart Latimer posted 2846 days ago

    Stuart Latimer

    Cheers, Hoag! I try and offer a free football education yet you know how it is! You might like this:

  • Allyson Daniels posted 2848 days ago

    Allyson Daniels

    No problem, Mike! This might be helpful for commas.

    Ranly's Rules was written by one of my former professors, and it's what the Mizzou J-School uses in editing classes.