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  • Andre Khatchaturian posted 3027 days ago

    Andre Khatchaturian


    read that. pens have a lot of cap space for the deadline because of LTIR.

  • Peter Brocklehurst posted 3094 days ago

    Peter Brocklehurst

    Hi James. I have something for you.
    I just heard this out of Pittsburgh, from a somewhat reliable source. Pat Brisson is feuding with Mario Lemieux (Not completely sure why Mario, but I'll get to that later) over two issues related to Crosby. The first is that he is perturbed as to why Sid is having to fight all his own battles. He feels that a message has to be sent that its unacceptable to be taking liberty's with Crosby, which every team has been doing and continues to do. Secondly, he believes that its long overdue that Sid and Geno be given a fair chance to play together. His logic is that the primary goal of every team is to "take away Sid's time and space", and the unspoken secondary goal of every team is to do the same to Geno. He also claims that Sid and Geno want to be given the chance to play together.
    Now, apparently the reason why Brisson is having these "discussions' with Lemieux and not Shero is because he said that, when Mario was playing, he would not tolerate the abuse that Crosby has to endure on a daily basis. As well, Mario would not tolerate playing with 3rd line wingers.
    It all makes sense to me. Mario demanded protection, and if it was by the teams design or his own, he always played with the best the Penguins had to offer. It's almost laughable to think that Mario would tolerate playing alongside Kunitz and Dupuis when Geno is playing by himself on another line?

  • Kyle Langan posted 3171 days ago

    Kyle Langan

    Hey, would you be able to send your e mail to klangan@omnipossible.com? I want to get the B/R community leaders on a mailing list for a press release on behalf of Sports Media 101.


  • Jason Sapunka posted 3200 days ago

    Jason Sapunka

    It really, really has nothing to do with the team that he plays for. If you said similar things about Danny Briere that I've said about Crosby, I would agree with you. He has done cheap things and taken dives, nowhere near the amount that Crosby has, but I'm not going to deny that it's happened, or the fact that the only reason I like Briere is because he produces a ton of points for my favorite team, is a leader, and basically does everything possible to help that team win.

    I wouldn't like Briere if he didn't play for the Flyers, but just because he does I'm not going to pretend he doesn't take dishonorable actions.

    Pronger is a different story. As many times as he's cross-checked someone in the back, he's stared the person down and nobody ever tries to drops the gloves against him. If Briere or Crosby did that, someone would rush in and protect him.

    It honestly does stem from Crosby's actions, not the fact that he plays for the Penguins.

    I'm not going to pretend that I would LIKE him if he didn't do any of the actions I highlighted, but there wouldn't be an article about him if he was respectable in the areas I discussed.

    For example, I do not like Evgeni Malkin, but that's only because he plays for the Penguins. However, I cannot actually think of any instance in which he's done anything cheap, dishonest, or otherwise provide a reason for me to dislike him. That's why there's no article on Malkin being cheap/arrogant/everything Crosby was labeled; that article about Malkin wouldn't be true.

    I support my team and dislike other teams, but not blindly or in any manner that is not objective.

  • Jason Sapunka posted 3200 days ago

    Jason Sapunka

    I remembered that you're too much of a man to return to my article for my response, but you wrote such an amiable and well-backed statement that I couldn't help but click on your profile to continue the conversation.

    Your comment was not only rude and idiotic, but it was completely wrong as well.

    "'You managed to write an entire article based on hearsay, with not one reputable fact to qualify anything you've said."

    That, is extreme ignorance at it's finest. There are videos and sources which prove every single aspect of the article to be true. Unlike you, I judge players based on their actions, not their uniform.

    "there's not one fan in North America who would spurn him from their favorite roster on account of his so-called childishness."

    This is false, I know of two people who have said this exact statement, and about 600,000 more would agree if I had the time to ask each personally.

    Anything you disagree with, you claim is "garbage" or "nonsense."

    I wonder why you did not criticize my ranking of the Penguins as the #1 team heading into this regular season, or my article praising their toughness?

    Maybe it's because you haven't read them, but I find it hard to believe you would have an issue with any article that highlights the Penguins in a good way.

    All I bring to my articles are supported facts in a manner that I know people will want to read.

    I apologize for your inability to accept that, and wish you the best of luck in continuing to blindly support your team's actions while criticizing anything against it.

  • Harold Friend posted 3210 days ago

    Harold Friend

    Thanks. I usually embed, but I thought it create a problem because I used it from a library source.

  • Gene Siudut posted 3222 days ago

    Gene Siudut

    Thanks for the edit and the kudos.

  • Joel Dundas posted 3232 days ago

    Joel Dundas

    Thanks for the edits, and the notes, i'll fix thins up next time.

  • Nicholas Goss posted 3234 days ago

    Nicholas Goss

    thanks for the edit and compliment James.

  • Brandon McClintock posted 3239 days ago

    Brandon McClintock

    Thanks for the edit James!