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Published on, Philadelphia Inquirer, Yahoo! and many more. Contributor to Yahoo!

Been on ESPN Radio multiple times, interviewed several professional athletes and run/edit multiple websites online.

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  • Johnathan Brace posted 1776 days ago

    Johnathan  Brace

    Where have you been Justin? I miss reading your articles! Hope you are doing well in your new career!

  • Jacalyn Huddleston posted 2237 days ago

    Jacalyn Huddleston

    Justin, I was wondering if you post your picks for the nfl games weekly? I am knew to this site and after reading I am more impressed with you and your knowledge. Would like to see your picks and hear your input weekly.

  • danny garcia posted 2299 days ago

    danny garcia

    Hi, i'm owner of the website: I needed some writers for my blog and was wondering wether you would like to write articles for my website. If you do please email me at

  • christian castro posted 2308 days ago

    christian castro

    your wwe article sucked to be honest with you

  • Kristin Ward posted 2506 days ago

    Kristin  Ward

    I think you are an excellent writer and you should keep up the good work...I really like seeing that you have not written any crap articles (ex: Top 10 Hottest Cheerleaders of the NFL) you keep it to clean, real professional sports writing...keep up the great work and you'll go far.

  • Justin Welton posted 2513 days ago

    Justin Welton

    Thanks, Jesse.

  • Jesse Reed posted 2542 days ago

    Jesse Reed

    Matt Forte Injury: Chicago Bears Should Turn to Donovan McNabb Without Star RB

    Mad Props for this title and post.

  • Linda Dennis posted 2545 days ago

    Linda Dennis

    The comments you have on the Big East, and your opinion on the outcomes of the Orange Bowl were ...... well ........ maybe uneducated is the best way to describe your prediction. YOUR poll says you are 67% wrong. I'm planning on being at the game (Orange Bowl) hope to see you there. Oh, by the way..... I'll bet even in Miami, after the game you'll still be able to smell the burning couches in West "By God" Virginia!

  • Virgil Sloss posted 2563 days ago

    Virgil Sloss

    Your article on Tebow is correct. Thank you for pointing out Manning and Favre. Well done.

  • Farooq Ahmed posted 2629 days ago

    Farooq Ahmed

    The 20 Most Exciting Athletes in Pro Sports [Video]