Who is Timothy Rapp?

He's a man who has read some books, been to some places, talked to some people, sang some songs, laughed some laughs, drank some (okay, many) drinks. He's asked the tough questions and delved into the deeper mysteries of life. (Why do people say "never say never?" It's really contradictory advice...) He once saw a famous person IN REAL LIFE but didn't bother that person, because he's cool like that. And here at Bleacher Report, he writes about sports for the Breaking News Team.

Yeah, that's who Timothy Rapp is.

Next question.

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  • Paul B posted 1028 days ago

    Paul B

    Tiger comeback story - its "exemptions" not "exceptions"

  • SF Cruiser posted 1090 days ago

    SF Cruiser

    Hi Tim, I follow your weekly top 100 value rankings. Last week you had Travis Kelce rated a 7, but this week he's entirely off the board. Can you tell us if that was a typo? I know he had an awful fantasy game in Week 3... Thanks.

  • Brian Novak posted 1182 days ago

    Brian Novak

    In your Kiante Enis story, why are you using a picture of an NFL football on which it obviously says "JAGUARS"?

  • Brian Novak posted 1182 days ago

    Brian Novak

    In your Kiante Enis story, why are you using an NFL football on which it obviously says "JAGUARS"?

  • Randy Jackson posted 1350 days ago

    Randy Jackson

    On your Auburn Offensive Cord. article, at the end of it you stated that Mark Helfrich was Chip Kelley's offensive cord. at Auburn. I think you meant Oregon.

  • Dave Backer posted 1458 days ago

    Dave  Backer

    Just a heads up, might wanna edit that Eli Apple injury article. He hasn't played slot corner since the beginning of training camp and has received the majority of the snaps alongside Janoris Jenkins on the outside. Dominique Rogers Cromartie has been playing the slot with Leon Hall. So saying he won't be able to develop in the slot being injured, is 100 percent false.

  • Frankie Andjohnie posted 1496 days ago

    Frankie Andjohnie

    its Endwell NY not Iowa...do some review before you publish

  • Ben Neal posted 1503 days ago

    Ben Neal

    your prediction on the pistons is coming from one who does not do their research and the fact you have them left out of the playoffs in your rankings is just a joke.... I will email you once again the season is complete and then you shall see how right i was and how wrong you were..... just wait you probably do not understand what the team is capable of so i give you a pass until the prove you wrong and then next year you will get things right.

  • Willie Dewit posted 1729 days ago

    Willie Dewit

    Hey Timothy, while readers may appreciate your “NFL Playoff Picture 2016” page, they’ve noticed that the name of the Washington football team isn’t written on the grid properly. Here’s a reminder; it’s the Redskins. Guess you were in a rush and forgot to add it. We’ll look for it next time. That’s the Washington Redskins. The Redskins. Thanks

  • Mike McCarthy posted 1729 days ago

    Mike McCarthy

    "If the Broncos lose and both Cincinnati and Kansas City win, the Bengals would earn the No. 2 seed in the postseason and the Chiefs would win the AFC West. A Broncos loss will clinch the No. 2 seed for the Bengals regardless of whether they win in Week 17."

    Not correct if you are implying the Bengals need to win to get the No. 2 seed. If the Bengals lose, and all three teams (Broncos, Chiefs, Bengal) end up 11-5, then the Chiefs win their division and the Broncos only win a wild card. The Bengals win the tiebreaker over the Chiefs for the No. 2 seed because the beat the Chiefs head-to-head.

    For Bengals fans next Sunday goes like this -- no matter what, root for the Chargers to beat Denver. If the Bengals beat the Ravens, they then get the No. 2 seed. If the Ravens win, then also root for the Chiefs.