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Hello, my name is Nick DeWitt and I'm one of the Featured Columnists for the Pittsburgh Steelers on Bleacher Report.

As a Steelers FC, I've had the pleasure of covering one of the NFL's best teams and most involved fanbases. I also write a weekly feature ranking NFL coaches based on how safe they are in their jobs.

As a FC, I've had several articles published or linked on and other major sports websites.

Outside of B/R:
I majored in Secondary Education at California University of PA, graduating suma cum laude in May of 2008 with a Social Studies and English teaching certification. I've been writing both sports articles and short story fiction since high school, when I was News Editor and a chief sportswriter for the school's newspaper.

In addition to my work in sportswriting and teaching, I'm an accomplished photographer with several award-winning works in the Pittsburgh area. My photographs have been used in various publications and I specialize in (not surprisingly) sports photography.

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  • Joe Allen posted 2978 days ago

    Joe Allen


    I hope your having a good evening my name is Joe Allen, I am the Founder/CEO of Strikes 4 Kids. We are a non-profit organization that partners professional athletes with benefiting children's organizations across the country. I wanted to know we could receive some pre-event coverage for a charity bowling tournament hosted by Ziggy Hood and several of his teammates on June 8, 2013 at the Mt. Lebanon bowling center. 100% of the net proceeds from the event will go to benefiting the Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh.

  • bruce bostjanick posted 3173 days ago

    bruce bostjanick

    I read your article on the top Steeler Players and mostly agree. Ben has done a lot but I am not sure he deserves the number one ranking. I think he has thrown some great stats over the last couple of years but seems to fail when the game is on the line with 3 minutes to go...Even this year, there were two times he did not convert and take them to a win. I think it all started back at the Super Bowl when I was at the game with my wife and watched the Steelers Offense look terrible when the game was on the line... Ben needs to win some of these games when it counts...

  • Pete Ausiello posted 3202 days ago

    Pete Ausiello

    Hey Nick. I'm interested in talking to you regarding promotional opportunities with my company. We're a Steeler Fan run company who represents Hines Ward, Mike Wallace, Lawrence Timmons, Jerome Bettis, Franco Harris and Rocky Bleier for a variety of their appearances, licensed products, speaking engagements and memorabilia. Please email me at to discuss. Thanks, Pete

  • Fr. D posted 3217 days ago

    Fr. D

    Hey Nick, you forgot Will Johnson when you put together the Steelers final roster. Not only is David Johnson out for the season, Will Johnson has graded out exceptionally well and is in on almost every special teams play. I think that he will be the best undrafted player to sign with the team since Willie Parker. As for your d-line assessment, my opinion is the following: Mclendon is a beast. They should cut Hampton for cap space to sign Wallace (when he does show up) and move Hood inside to nose tackle if Mclendon gets hurt. Hood is still playing with his head too much on the outside, he comes off the ball too high for his height - more like Kiesel and Aaron Smith does/did. Mclendon is two or three inches taller than Hood and plays lower for the entire length of every play - even in outside pursuit. When they go to the "Amoeba" set where Hood plays the nose, he stays low, takes on two blockers, and gets excellent penetration. I think that if they didn't have Heyward playing so much in his head (much like Hood) instead of with his instinct, then Ziggy would be a nose guard already. I would also try Mclendon at end. He fits the physical mold of Smith/Keisel with more height and longer arms for separation with the lower body strength to still get penetration better anyway. I am befuddled as to why this has not happened already.

    Finally, at linebacker,I couldn't disagree with you more. Chirs Carter is all kinds of lost in the supermarket. He is not a "one trick pony" ... he is a lost "My Little Pony" (a female child's doll.) Carter is not going to work out if Harrison or Woodley (who needs to lose 15 lbs cause he has lost a step) cannot play - as is currently the situation. James Farrior should start working out with Mike Wallace in Florida because Timmons is inevitably going to have to move outside - again. Evidently, it is harder to play linebacker (or defensive end for that matter) in LeBeau's system than it is to play quarterback in Bruce Arian's offensive scheme seeing as how Andrew Luck picked it up in a matter of 3 weeks and all of our second and third year linebackers (not to mention our two first round pick defensive ends - 2nd and 3rd year) still do not know what they are supposed to do. O.K., Luck did graduate from Stanford ... none-the-less.

    Most of all - don't overlook Will Johnson ... I think that he will be around for years to come as the starting full-back for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Peace, Fr. D

  • Jeremy Hutchison posted 3221 days ago

    Jeremy Hutchison

    I don;t write articles but read this comment I posted on BR and maybe put your spin on it. I think if the right people read it than instead of just wishing and hoping it might be a reality! Great writing by the way! Ive been read BR for a few years now and is now my first stop for anything Steelers.

    "Going big or going broke"?
    What I mean is, shifting Ziggy Hood to the outside as more of a 4-3 end until our "broke" LB corps either A. Get healthy or B. Wait for someone to step up who can actually get pressure on the QB. Remember when we used to be able to bring the heat without bringing most of the D on a blitz? By playing Hood as a 4-3 end the D-line would look like this: McLendon & Kiesel in the middle and Woodly & Hood on the ends. Heyward could be a sub guy here to pull out Woodly and give him some well deserved rest! LB's would obviously change and would need more of a coverage look than a pressure look, i.e. Foote in the middle calling the shots and our 2 most athletic LB's to play outside coverage as well as bring the sudden blitz. Imagine D.L. having weapons like Timmons and Spence and the occasional Troy at his disposal and all of the different blitz packages he could come up with! We would have a fast and stout line to plug gaps and create push as well as have one of the fastest 2 LB's either shooting the gaps or having them in coverage against the dangerous slot receivers and tight ends out there. I'm not saying we should become a 4-3 D but until we can get an OLB that can bring a constant threat and make the opposing QB keep his head on a swivel, then work with what we have and put our most dimensional players on the field and see how it shakes out. I absolutely LOVE this look and can't see the weakness in it. The only thing would be depth and how to rotate but 1 thing is for sure, we know how to run a 3-4 and it would be too easy to go back. Tell me that wouldn't keep the opposition guessing! Your thoughts? Go easy it's my first post.

  • Stephen Sonneveld posted 3236 days ago

    Stephen Sonneveld

    Hi Nick. I enjoyed your article about racism from a few years back. You might enjoy this one:

  • steeler junky posted 3237 days ago

    steeler junky

    last PS,
    Last year the Texans beat the Steelers by beating up the Steelers physically and mentally.
    The Coaches and owners said wow that is the way we once played not long ago. We need to get some of that back.
    Hence Back to the Future with a twist, better more explosive ball control offense than back then. More physical,Higher pecentage passing game and a mean ass O line.

  • steeler junky posted 3237 days ago

    steeler junky

    The Steelers are going Back to the Future. Instead of copy catting like under Arians. They are trying to be the leader of the PACK.

  • steeler junky posted 3237 days ago

    steeler junky

    This new Steelers offense wil not be predictable like it was under Arians.
    It Also will keep the the Steelers defense off the field for longer periods of continuous time.
    Beat down opposing defenses physically and mentally.

  • steeler junky posted 3237 days ago

    steeler junky

    Nick, I can't write very fast and not on BR anymore.But here is an Idea for you.
    Add color,I know it is hard when pounding out a lot of articles.
    What most people don't get about Haley's offense is the NFL has been a copy cat league for a long time.
    Lately all the teams are pass happy. Thus defenses are tailored to stop the pass more now.
    The Steelers (Haley) is going back to the future. Haley simply like he said himself" WE need to do both run when we have to and pass when we have to"

    In other words run more against teams who are tailored to stopping the pass and pass more against team that are talored to stop the run.
    Basically the Steelers will be similar to Patriots " I believe" in the last year the Patriots won the Super Bowl 2004 I think?
    If and When everything starts to come together ( hopefull by mid season)the Steelers offense will damn near be unstopable by anyone but themselves or injuries.