Graduated from:
Depew High School (2007)
Buffalo State College (2011)

I am 25 years old and played soccer for a large portion of my life before finally deciding it was time to go in another direction and sports writing was that direction. I love messing around with statistics and trying to find new ways to better analyze how players are actually performing and whether or not they are helping their team succeed.

After completing the summer internship on Bleacher Report, I have joined the site full-time as a member of the Breaking News team. It is great to be a part of the staff at one of the fastest-growing sports sites on the Internet.

My favorite part of the sports calendar is the first two days of March Madness (when my bracket still has a chance) because of the non-stop action and the chance to learn some great stories about players you otherwise would have never known about.

The only two sports I don't religiously follow that are covered by Bleacher Report are MMA and boxing. Even those I keep an eye on, though. Other than those two, I will pretty much watch any live sporting event that is on television (even curling).

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  • Jay Wells posted 1005 days ago

    Jay Wells

    Hi Tim, I/m writing here because the comment thing wasn't working on the Durante article.
    Here's the thing, with that "kneeling" stuff going around. What do the "kneelers" think they are doing, while doing nothing more than kneeling? That's all they are doing. They are indeed NOT "stopping racism or ending social injustice" are they? No... But as Durante says, he was kneeling "against social injustices and racism" in the United States. And, "At some point in life, there's going to be a time when you've got to take a stand,"
    WTF? So, you’ve drawn attention to yourself as being against these things? What about the rest of us? Is everyone else, therefore, who is NOT kneeling guilty of being a white or black or Hispanic racist, and guilty of promoting social injustice? Are you kidding me?
    And what great effect does all this "taking a stand" accomplish? Are any of the overpaid professional athletes who think "taking a stand" actually accomplishes anything other than the big argument it has become, which does NOTHING about solving the problem, doing anything about it? Why don't they put their money where their mouth is, huh? Instead of posturing for the liberal press, why don't they donate to an (actually effective) anti-racist (multilateral racism, not just one type) organization, or an (actually effective) fighting-social-injustice organization, or better yet BUILD something to reduce the presence of these social enemies? (BTW, you'll never erase them, they're unfortunately part of human nature. But you can try.)
    "Taking a stand" is NOT MEANT TO BE TAKEN LITERALLY. YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO DO SOMETHING. Something more than just kneeling at some point in a ballgame.

  • Joshua Johnson posted 1233 days ago

    Joshua Johnson

    Your article about the Islanders potential new home states that the arena will be in Queens when in fact it will potentially be located in Elmont, New York which is where Belmont Park is on Long Island so that should be corrected. I live in Elmont so I think it should receive the right recognition. Thank You!

  • Joseph Cupolo posted 1246 days ago

    Joseph Cupolo

    Tim Daniels...I think it is very insulating that you are insinuating that Drew Brees is a second rate QB. Brady and Montana had a luxury that very few Quarterbacks have, year in and year out they had a world class supporting cast to back them up!

  • Bill Diecks posted 1249 days ago

    Bill Diecks

    I did not think felons and ex-cons would be acceptable owners of a MLB team! What's up?

  • Claude Kadiddlehopper posted 1461 days ago

    Claude Kadiddlehopper

    How cowardly of you to write ANOTHER article on Paterno ALLEGEDLY knowing of whatever, and have no comment section to dispute the issue !

    Let me put it to you this way, As long as you have to use ALLEGEDLY , You have no business writing on the subject ! Beat to death a topic thats been beat too death, and you add no facts

  • Brandon Thomas posted 1515 days ago

    Brandon Thomas

    Hey Tim - working on anything for the 2016 World Series of Poker - If so, I can connect you with some of the guys from last year's Main Event: Cannuli, Blumenfield... just email Brandon@southardinc.com

  • Hailey Thompson posted 1531 days ago

    Hailey Thompson

    Hey Tim! Really enjoy your work and wanted to reach out with a story idea for you for BR. It's on two star rugby players on Team USA and their journey to the 2016 Olympic Games. Both have roots in football, and made with switch to rugby for more field (or, pitch) time. If you are interested, please reach out to me at hailey.thompson @ porternovelli.com. Thanks!

  • shelly dalton posted 1535 days ago

    shelly dalton

    We all have opinions and much, of not all, you write are opinion pieces supported by anecdotal evidence as opposed to objective criteria established well in advance of the article. With football, you rank them high or low based on perception. Not a Todd McShay or close. Classic example Trent Richardson. Like most Alabama RBs they do excel because of the system and, more importantly, the fact that Bama has so much more top tier talent than their opponents, they can also rotate so much top their talent due to depth. When the talent is equal or better and continuously fresh, the team will play better because the players play better. Trent Richardson was a specimen in the system. Like Bama's backfield, QBs included, they don't perform nearly as well as their peers at the pro level who were ranked blessed in both HS and college. The article on Trent was way off as has been his production at the next level, which you felt would be much better. Well, the Browns agreed with you and we have seen how good their drafting has been. Consistent and bad. Are you doing any better? Soccer is your game! http://bleacherreport.com/articles/977732-heisman-trophy-trent-richardson-deserved-more-respect-for-playing-in-sec

  • Eric Johnson posted 1586 days ago

    Eric Johnson

    Tim - Osweiler is from Kalispell, Montana, not Idaho!

  • Guillaume Dumortier posted 1619 days ago

    Guillaume Dumortier

    Hi Tim,

    I hope this message finds you well. I wanted to share with you something about the Super Bowl.

    Let’s be real. The best part of the Super Bowl, besides the fact that neither team playing is the Patriots, is the commercials.

    But finding the commercials after the game? Not always the easiest...until now.

    My company Algolia, a hosted search API, decided to make all the Super Bowl ads ever aired searchable and watchable in one place—SuperSearch. Think every Super Bowl commercial ever, searchable by content, brand, Super Bowl number, year, etc.


    It’s super easy to find all your favorite Super Bowl commercials, and we’re adding this year’s ads in as close to real time as possible.

    I thought this might be something your readers would enjoy, so let me know if you’re interested or have any questions.