Mark Jones is currently a Featured Columnist for the Carolina Hurricanes.

Jones, a Raleigh, NC, resident, joined Bleacher Report as a wide-eyed journalism newcomer in September 2008. Now, as one of the longest-running Featured Columnists in Bleacher Report's hockey community, he has generated over 1,000,000 webpage hits on a steady stream of columns over five consecutive years.

If any questions, comments, or opinions should arise, feel free to e-mail him personally at hurricanesreport@gmail.com. A response should be expected within two days/48 hours.

He can also be found through Twitter at @CanesReport.

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  • Tommy V posted 1969 days ago

    Tommy V

    BTW, you do an AMAZING job covering the Hurricanes!

  • Tommy V posted 1969 days ago

    Tommy V

    Hey, Mark, I've been hearing some scary rumors that the Hurricanes are trying to get attendance to go down so they can relocate. What do you think of them? I know the fans would care if we had more winning seasons (Same thing Chicago, Boston and Pittsburgh experienced during their rebuilding years). Speaking of which, why don't the Hurricanes just start over? We aren't going to the playoffs with this team.

  • bobby marshall posted 2185 days ago

    bobby marshall

    Why aren't the Canes trying to get Brandon Sutter? He has not yet re-signed with the Penguins. We should have never traded him and now we may have a chance to get him back if only the Canes loosen the purse strings.

  • Matt Turer posted 2211 days ago

    Matt Turer

    You're of course welcome, Mark. Always enjoy a good hockey story to edit.

  • Tiffany Brennan posted 2276 days ago

    Tiffany Brennan

    Hi, Mark. Sorry I wasn't on last night or earlier today to see your request. And sorry this in-depth piece slipped through without an edit for so long. I jumped in and gave it a look, so you should be good to go, but let me know if you have any questions.

    Thanks, as well, for the kind words!

  • Kyle Poole posted 2369 days ago

    Kyle Poole

    What was up with the Canes last night? Thought they'd be a lot better than they were with all the players they were getting back. That game was hard to watch.

  • Micah H posted 2378 days ago

    Micah H

    Orr is way better than Gretzky

  • Nathan Currier posted 2492 days ago

    Nathan Currier

    Mark, I operate ManGamesLost.com that you've referenced in the past in some of your articles. Would love to connect on Twitter and pick your brain on the NHL 13-14 season sometime.

  • Jameson Sempey posted 2520 days ago

    Jameson Sempey

    Mark, I just saw your post about the fourth-line article on my wall now. I gave it a second edit; sorry I didn't see it sooner.

  • Michael Stuckmann posted 2534 days ago

    Michael  Stuckmann

    Yes it does thank you, and heres a good fact. Wisconsin had the highest TV ratings for the Stanley Cup with the exception of Illinois and the New England States